The woman who fell to earth: the 13th Doctor Who

The woman who fell to earth: the 13th Doctor Who

On October 7th a new era of Doctor Who started. Firstly, we have now a female Doctor in the form of Jodie Whittaker. Secondly, Chris Hibnall is the new executive producer and showrunner. There was some controversy concerning the new Doctor. Mainly fans who were vehement in their opinion that the Doctor should be male. Even though in the past multiple Time Lords and Ladies changed their gender. The Master/Missy being the most recent. I was looking forward to seeing Jodie Whittaker as the 13th Doctor. I loved Capaldi as the 12th  Doctor but it was time for something fresh and new.

The first episode of the 13th Doctor

It starts off with Rya,n who is trying to ride a bike under the watchful eye of his Nan and her new husband. After falling down the umpteenth time, he flings his bike in an act of frustration. Upon finding his bike, he discovers a strange blue pod. He calls the police. His old school friend Yasmin Kahn shows up as the dispatched police officer. As they examine the strange pod, Ryan gets a call from his Nan. She and her husband are trapped on the train with a strange floating ball of tentacles. They rush over and as soon as they enter, the Doctor falls through the roof of the carriage. The Doctor and her new companions must now find out what the ball was and The Doctor has to figure herself out again.


In more ways this a fresh new start. We have a new Doctor who happens to be female. We have a new showrunner, with his own vision on Doctor Who hopefully. And this episode felt like a clean cut with the previous seasons. The Doctor has to start anew without a previous companion helping her out. Almost all of the previous Doctors inherited one or more companions from their previous incarnation. This dates all the way back to the Fourth Doctor and before.

Jodie Whittaker is fun as the new Doctor. The Doctor is now more like a tinkerer it feels. She brings a new kind of energy. Her new companions are as diverse as can be. People from all walks of life and backgrounds.

Slight spoilers ahead

The story itself is entertaining, it feels like a Doctor Who version of The Predator. I love that there is a new kind of Alien. To summarize: there are lots of new things and this is all brought to us with a shining new Doctor. I hope they keep up this energy and I can’t wait for the next episodes.



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