My Current Addiction: Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

My Current Addiction: Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

I’m a sucker for quick mobile games where you have to trade, gather items, hoard things and collect stuff. I’ve played games like Magikarp Jump, Tiny Tower, Paradise Island, Fallout Shelter and Tinker Island in the past. And obviously, I still play Pokemon Go every once in a while. So when an alltime favorite game of mine recently got a mobile app, I had to play it. And now my latest addiction is Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.

GameCube nostalgia

The original Animal Crossing for GameCube came out (depending on where you lived) between 2001 and 2004. The game was a remake of the Japanese N64 version. It was a crazy addictive game. And as I didn’t have a GameCube myself, I could only play it on weekends at my boyfriends house. In the GameCube version, you had to collect furniture, insects, fish and whatnot. Cute animals helped you to improve your collections. My favorite was Billy the goat. As this was ages ago, I don’t remember the exact details except that is was super cute, super fun and super addictive.

And now, Nintendo brought Animal Crossing to my smartphone with Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. And they did it again: this game is highly addictive. It’s sadly not as huge as the GameCube version; there are some set locations you can visit and each location has it’s own items: fish, insects or fruit. You run a campsite and the goal is to A. make your campsite and camper as cool as possible and B. make as much animal friends as possible.

It’s so forking cute

My Current Addiction: Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Look at that picture! I gave the cute dog some bugs and we had to do a musical number in front of those bugs in the box. And I got some items in return for my generosity. Those items help you make furniture, and that furniture attracts animals to your campsite. The more friends you make (and the highter their level is), the higher your level will be. And as in all rpg’s: the higher your level, the harder it is to level up.

There als goals you can reach (a bit like trophies on a PS4), and these are obviously designed to keep you playing untill you reach ALL THE GOALS. Some are easy (collect 5 bugs), some are hard (put four pieces of furniture from one set on your camping site). Though now, I have almost all streched goals finished with just two or three to go. So Nintendo had better come up with more goals with a future update, or this game will quickly lose it’s charm. Trophies and goals are the reason to play a game, right?

It’s Christmas at Animal Crossing Pocket Camp!

Christmas has arrived. Here I am, in my (hard earned) Christmas outfit, drinking a cup of hot chocolate with my cat friend. At a tropical island, yes. And there are Christmas themed furniture items you can collect, including a big stack of presents and a huge Christmas tree.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Christmas Time

If Nintendo keeps up with upgrading the goals, and if there will be more events like Christmas, I’ll probably keep playing Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. If not, I think the hype will soon wash over and I will download another hoarding game with fresh goals. But for now, this is the cutest game you can be addicted to. Happy camping!

If you want to be my friend at Pocket Camp, my Animal Crossing Pocket Camp friend code is 2326 3795 278



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