Must play horrorgames this Halloween

Horrorgames that’ll scare your pants off this Halloween

If you haven’t had your fill yet with Horror movies or books, perhaps it’s time to step into the digital nightmare world of horrorgames. So pick up a controller or sit behind your keyboard and get some ghoulish inspiration from our gaming top…

Until Dawn

Are you the kind of person who screamed at the tv for the ditsy blonde not to investigate that weird sound upstairs, but instead to run out the front door to the safety of one of the neighbours? Well, you have the chance to star in your own slasher story and make quick paced decisions on where this story will go and who will survive. The killer preys on a group of 8 playable characters who are staying in a remote lodge up in the mountains. Try to stay alive.

The Evil Within 2

Are Japanese horror movies your thing? Then perhaps this game will be something that gives you shivers. The monsters in this game seem to have stepped straight out of these movies and you will have to do your best to survive while trying to find your daughter.

Dead by Daylight

Always wanted to play a killer and stalk your friends? Dead by Daylight will give you that opportunity. You can play with 4 of your friends as Survivors against 1 killer, who could also be played by a friend. I have seen many streams where groups of friends have enjoyed playing this with each other. You can pick from many survivors, who will have to start generators to open the gate of the enclosure to escape. Or you could choose from a variety of killers to stalk the survivors and put them on meat hooks, trying to prevent them from escaping. Which are you? Survivor or Killer?

Resident Evil 7

The latest one in a long line of Resident Evil games goes back to its survival horror roots. You’re making your way through the derelict plantation of the Baker family, encountering mutated monsters and the Baker family members themselves. Put your puzzle solving skills to use while you try to find your lost wife Mia.

Amnesia – The Dark Descent

As the title predicts, you play a character who has no recollection of who or where they are. You have no weapons, except for your wit and skills to solve puzzles while you make your way through the rooms of an old castle. But be careful, it seems you are not alone!


In this first person survival horror, you are a journalist who has to find his way in a psychiatric hospital where the patients are homicidal. Most of the hospital is unlit, so you have to use your camera now and again with night vision to see where you are going, but don’t let those batteries run out……

Dead Space 1, 2 and 3

As Isaac Clark your space ship has crash landed on a ‘deserted’ space station. This seems to be the plot for most sci-fi horrors, so you already know that the station is anything but deserted. You fight your way through hordes of monsters and I have to say that the jump stares really got me in the first part of the game. Going through the game you learn more and more about what happened to the people in the space station while trying to find a way to escape from this hell hole in outer space. And once you finish the first game, there are 2 more sequels to dive in.


It is an oldie, but I feel that this game needs to be mentioned. Back in the 90’s this game from Sierra was known for the amount of cd-roms it came with: 9. It was a long, story driven, point and click game which had real actors who were placed in a digitally created world. The story is a classic one: a young couple, Adrienne and Don, buy this old mansion to transform it into their own little love nest. You guide Adrienne through the house and story to get to know more of this house and it’s previous owner, 19th century magician, Zoltan. Of course, Zoltan was pretty much like Bluebeard and murdered all his wives and you stumble about these murders bit by bit…. In the meantime, Don is locking himself up more and more in the bathroom that he is renovating.

If you ever get the chance to play this game, please do. It’s a classic and it brings back the memories of when Sierra was one of the best game developing companies in the world.

Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines

Another old one, but still one I keep returning to. If you are familiar with White Wolf’s RPG, you will know about this dark world in which vampires are among us. They have different clans and like with any rpg, you start with picking your clan to decide how you play the game as a vampire. The graphics might not live up to modern day standards, but the story makes up for that. You get to make choices in conversations that will change some of the outcomes in the game.

While you progress, you start building up your ability and skill points on your character sheet, like you would with the pen and paper games. Steam will have this gem at a bargain price nowadays. Ow and what makes this game scary when you’re playing as a big, bad vampire? The Ocean hotel…. that place is properly haunted and if ghosts don’t scare you, well maybe the giant werewolf who is hunting you will.

Of course, there are many other great horrorgames out there, but these are the ones I personally love. Want to make it even scarier? Play with a headset on, turn off all the lights and let the game drag you in….. Happy horror gaming!



Article written by Sil

Sil proudly brands herself as a gamer. She has played far too many mmo's and loves to stream her gaming adventures on Twitch under the name McMonkeyzz, while accompanied by her best gaming buddy, Rosie the little, black cat. She also has a weakness for rugged men with a sense of humour like her boyfriend, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Thor and Deadpool. Ow and she draws stuff.

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