Pokemon GO: Chasing Scythers and broken hearts

Pokemon GO: Chasing Scythers and broken hearts

It’s been a while since I’ve updated you on my Pokemon Go adventures. A lot has happened since I started the game. I am almost level 20 (started from da bottom now we here), I experienced a mass Pokemon GO meet up and cried because they still did not fix the in-game tracker and took down Pokevision. Here we go!

Unlucky Eggs

At level 19, I have yet to encounter a 10k egg. The lover started playing and within 2 hours he already had two 10k eggs while I have to make do with the 2k and 5k eggs, only hatching Pidgeys and Nidorans. It is quite possibly the saddest thing that has happened to me in my game-playing career, as everybody is flaunting their Snorlaxes and I am still here with empty hands. Life is tough as an unlucky trainer, but I am coping, thanks for asking.

Taking over those gyms

Team Mystic apparently is not that popular, as my town is invested with Team Valor and their redness. As I finally have some decent Pokemon now, I managed to take over some gyms (for about 5 seconds) and I felt the coolest person in existence. However, don’t try to take over gyms on your own. They will be stolen from you asap. I think my longest reign in any gym has been 30 minutes. God, my 7-year old self would be proud of me!

Hi Miss

Some friends came over and we decided to stop by some PokeStops. We put in a lure and it magically attracted a dozen of other players. I heard one of them mumble: “Hey she teaches at my school. She teaches English!” And I tried my best to ignore it but as they left, he said HI MISS! So I could no longer deny that I was not who he thought I was. Life is hard when you are a local celebrity trying to play Pokemon.

An Exscyther day at the park

We decided to go to a park in the city where apparently tons of people meet up to play Pokemon GO. I had seen the videos of people going mental when a rare Pokemon was around, but I had never witnessed it myself. So we went to the park, got a lot of new balls and decided to chill on the grass where a lot of lures were active. There were about 30 people there at most which was cool. As the night fell, the park was filled with hundreds of Pokemon GO players, all adults.

It was one of the most remarkable things I had ever seen. Back then PokeVision was still active and a wild Scyther appeared. Everybody ran to the spot where it spawned and this repeated a couple of times when other rare Pokemon were found chilling in the park. It was an amazing experience and we’re already planning another day at the park. You have to witness it to believe it but it is amazing that something I loved as a kid is now bringing people together again. Back then it did, but now even more.

A heartbreaking day in the life of trainers

And then Niantic decided to do the unthinkable. They removed the in-game tracker and took down all sites such as Pokevision. Which left us blind. This meant I ended up running 3 blocks for a Lapras that remained a myth. It meant that the fun has been taken out of the game, yet the desire to be the very best is a little stronger than the desire to quit. And I was lucky enough to find to Porygons. I may have danced a little when that happened. But yes, Niantic. Fix that tracker system. Regards, all of us Pokemon Trainers.

I shall continue my attempts to be the very best like no one ever was and I will try to update more. Until them, smell ya later! (That was a Pokéreference. 10 points to whoever got that).



Article written by Ingrid

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