Pokemon Go Equinox Event Guide

Pokemon Go Equinox Event Guide

A couple of hours from now, Niantic will launch the Equinox event on Pokémon Go. In celebration of autumn, Go Players will be able to receive lots of special bonuses and hatch special eggs. The event runs from the 22nd of September until the 2nd of October. This means there is plenty of time to reap the benefits of those rewards. But how do you make the most of it? We have compiled a special guide to make the most of this event.

What are the rewards?

Go Players can look forward to double Stardust, which is like gold to Go Players. With Stardust, you’re able to make your mons stronger than anyone else’s. Quite important when you want to be the very best. Players can also look forward to triple the experience when registering a new Pokémon. Especially for players in the mid-30 levels this is very important. When you have to rack up millions of experience in order to level up, it helps when you get more experience. Another great reward are the special 2km eggs which contain Pokémon such as Dratini and Chansey. These Pokémon are usually found in 10km eggs, so this is a welcome change. Perhaps you will finally hatch that perfect IV Larvitar!

Save up coins

Niantic is a business of course, which means that they will have special boxes available containing lucky eggs, special incubators and who knows what else. Usually these boxes go for a special price, however, these boxes will probably still be quite expensive. So instead of buying regular incubators before the start of the event, wait until the event goes live. Perhaps there will be a great deal which will save you some coins. Considering you’re only able to get 50 coins a day, it is worth the wait. We are especially curious when it comes to the super incubator. It hatches eggs 3x quicker than regular incubators and it breaks after 3 uses. We’re not sure what the price is yet, but it is worth checking out to hatch as many eggs as possible.

Collect that Stardust

It is tempting to spend all your newfound Stardust in leveling up your strongest Pokémon, but perhaps it is better to sit this one out. Imagine you spend all your stardust in upping your 90% Tyranitar, but near the end of the event, you hatch a perfect IV Larvitar. Gone is your stardust and your candy and then you will have to wait again until you collect enough Stardust to evolve it. It is a struggle, we know.

Important to know:

When you catch a basic Pokemon, you collect 100 Stardust, which will be 200 during the event. Stage one Pokemon will give you 300 Stardust, which will be doubled to 600 and Stage 2 Pokemon will give you 500 Stardust, which will be doubled to 1000. It is definitely worth catching those final evolutions. Also, when you give defending Pokemon in gyms a berry, you receive 20 stardust a berry, which will be 4 during the event. So stack up on those berries and feed all your team’s Pokemon in gyms! If you are especially lucky, you might get a candy out of it. And don’t forget that stardust from hatches will also be doubled.

Triple the experience

This sounds like a dream come true for every Go Player still working to get to level 40. The only downside is that it only applies to Pokemon that are new to the Pokedex. For most players this means there is not much to gain. However, the migration of the Legendary Beasts happens on the last day of September, which means that at least you will be able to get that triple XP once. If you still have some missing Pokemon in the pokedex, this will be the time to evolve them! Don’t forget to use that Lucky egg!

Collect all the eggs

If your eggs tab is still filled with 5km eggs, try to get as close to hatching as possible before the event starts. Don’t spin any Pokestops yet when you have free space, because it might just fill up with eggs you don’t want yet. Also, keep an eye out for perfect IV hatches. This is your chance to hatch as many high IV Pokemon as you possibly can. Notable hatches from these special eggs are Larvitar, Chansey and Mareep.  Check out the chart below to see what the best hatches are for some Pokemon:

Pokemon Go Equinox Event Guide

Have fun!

Most importantly, go out there and have fun! Meet new trainers and play the game together. We can’t wait to hear all about your hatches and adventures!



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