Pokemon GO New Gyms - How they work

Pokemon GO New Gyms – How they work

You guys! Grab your phones, grab your walking shoes and your mother. Pokemon GO is back with the update we’ve all been waiting for. Or maybe not if you’ve stopped playing. In any case, they have finally updated the gym system. For those of you who were still playing, you know that the gyms were rigged. Spoofers owned a lot of gyms. Some gyms had 10 Blisseys. It was difficult to beat the gyms on your own. That has all changed. I went out to test the new feature and will tell you what I think.

Adding Pokemon to Gyms

This is not very difficult. When you pass a friendly gym and it doesn’t contain six mons yet, you can add yours without any effort. You will have to keep feeding your Pokemon berries because they will lose motivation either by being defeated in battle, or if they’ve been in the gym for long. No problem, you up the motivation by giving them rasp berries. You can also give raspberries to Pokemon of friendly gyms. This may seem like a waste of time, but just wait until the raid battles arrive. You will get more goodies and premier balls if the raid happens at a friendly gym.

If you want to conquer an enemy gym, just make sure the CP of all the Pokemon are put to zero. They will be easier to beat the longer you battle them, as their CP drops with every battle they lose. Suck on that Blissey.

Pokemon GO New Gyms - How they work

The Battles

One of the best features of the new update is that when you are about to begin a battle, you can revive your Pokémon. Before, you had to go back to the items screen and that took a lot of time. I mean, you are trying to become a Pokémon Master. Nobody has time for that. You will battle the Pokémon in the order in which they were placed in the gym. You can also see how much CP every Pokémon has left. This means you can easily decide if a gym can be conquered on your own or not.

Pokemon GO New Gyms - How they work

Then the battle begins. It largely works the same as before, although you first get to see a super cool screen featuring you and your Pokémon and your enemy and their Pokémon. It also mentions how many battles that Pokémon has won. This is a great feature as it reminds me of the original games. It also mentions the trainer’s level, the Pokémon’s CP and their type.

Pokemon GO New Gyms - How they work

Another thing I really like is that the sizes of the Pokémon are far more realistic now. A Gyarados is huge, especially compared to say, a Jolteon. It makes it feel more genuine and authentic. It reminded me of Pokémon Stadium, which I used to play as a kid.

Pokemon GO New Gyms - How they work

With every Pokémon you beat, you gain experience for that specific gym. This way, you can level up your badge for that gym. That will come in handy once the raids will start. I read that you were supposed to get goodies from beating a gym, but I have not had any good stuff yet. Perhaps I’ve missed out on that, but I will go out and try to find the goodies as soon as I can. I do know that when your Pokémon gets kicked out of a gym, you will receive some coins. My Typhlosion was in a gym for 2 hours and I got 2 coins. Huray!

Pokemon GO New Gyms - How they work Pokemon GO New Gyms - How they work

Was the update worth it?

Definitely. I find it much more enjoyable to fight gyms now. Before, I would just skip any gym that had those 4 Blisseys, 2 Snorlaxes and 4 Vaporeons. This new system gives everybody an equal chance to beat a gym and conquer it. This makes the whole dynamic more fun because you keep fighting for territory. Also, Niantic is working hard on stopping the cheaters, so that’s fun. I can’t wait for the raid battles to arrive. Gotta catch ’em all!

Are you still playing? Which team are you? Let me know in the comments!



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