South Park: the Fractured but Whole review

South Park: the Fractured but Whole review

After the success of South Park: The Stick of Truth, we all held our breath when South Park: The Fractured but Whole was released a few months ago. Would it live up to the first game?

Luckily, The Fractured but Whole seems to be even better then than its predecessor. It’s still very much a South Park game, but with some small alterations to the way you battle; it actually flows a lot better.

Combat Changes

Much of the main play of the game feels very similar to the Stick of Truth. You will still have to quest and complete these quests to ‘level up’. You will still have to solve the puzzles in the town to proceed to the next part of the story and of course the farts have returned. However, the battle system has changed and it took me a little while to figure it out.

Instead of it just being turn-based combat (something I normally despise in games like Final Fantasy) we now have to think tactically by having a grid system. This seems quite complicated to begin with, but the game really helps you get to grips with your abilities and the grid system. In the end I found it actually quite fun to try out different attack moves to ‘solve’ the problem certain bosses pose with their positioning. This way, instead of a battle having the danger of it becoming quite boring, it now actually becomes something you actively and strategically have to think about.

South Park: the Fractured but Whole review

Story and a new setting

The story is yet again brilliant in a typical South Park kind of way. Where Stick of Truth was very much Lord of the Rings, we are now transported into the world of superheroes and villains. It starts of ‘innocent’ enough when our favorite South Park children and the new kid are trying to figure out what is happening to all the cats that went missing in the town, to something a bit…. darker.

For any comic and movie lover we are certainly getting a treat with lots of references to movies and comics like Civil War or even the rivalry between DC and Marvel or the new uprising of all the Marvel series on Netflix.

South Park: the Fractured but Whole review


The humor in the game is still great. If you are a fan of South park this game will not disappoint. There were some moments where I laughed out loud and immediately thought I was a horrible person for laughing about something that would normally be frowned upon, only for me to laugh again a few minutes later. We get introduced to many of the familiar faces from the South park cartoon. It will be a nice little side mission for you to take as many selfies with them as possible and to increase your popularity on Facebook and other social media.


Best bits:

  • Feels like you’re playing an interactive version of the show
  • Jokes
  • Many recognizable NPC’s to talk to
  • Great classes and skills to choose from
  • Better combat system
  • RPG mechanics are clever
  • How the game handles the fact that you can play as a girl now
  • At least 15 hours of game play (that’s not including all the side quests)
  • Fast travel with Jimmy
  • Kenny’s voice

Could be better:

  • Some of the side quests can be frustrating
  • When playing on pc there are a few bugs with controllers and keyboards; I had to switch often between the two.

I definitely didn’t regret buying this game. This is a must play for those who love the show!



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