Streaming as a girl

Streaming as a girl: asking for trouble?

Several years ago I was deeply interested in the online world and making myself a part of it. I have done it all; Youtubing, Blogging, vlogging and podcasting. The latter is the one that I have done successfully for several years, but it does restrict you to a certain topic for your podcast. Having done this for years I decided it was time for something else. This thing called ‘Live streaming’ caught my gamer-eye, so off to Twitch I went.

Make me a sandwich

With amazement I watched people play their games. What got me even more excited was seeing other females play the games that I loved. In a society where you always get told that gaming is a very male orientated world, it was great to finally see this comment being completely stomped into the ground. I quickly started following the girls and it was nice to talk to them in the chat room and start conversations with other people while commenting on the game.

Of course I had seen female gamers on YouTube, but on Twitch you could actually build up a community around female gamers and interact with them. I felt like I had found my tribe finally, but it wasn’t long before a rare breed of person entered the chat rooms; The Male Troll. Now I’m not talking about the cool race in a game like World of Warcraft, but the cretins that feel the need to spout all kind of nonsense in a chatroom just to make women feel awful about themselves. Long live the anonymity of the internet, right?

I saw all kind of derogatory insults thrown at these ladies. Comments like: ‘Why are you not in the kitchen making me a sandwich?’ (classic) to ‘Hey baby, do you do a2m?’ (very creative…) were coming left, right and center. It made me wonder if it’s just certain female streamers that get targeted.

Trolls, trolls & trolls

There is a group of female streamers that are getting abuse, simply for what they are wearing. Or as the trolls like to mention the fact of what they are not wearing and are proudly exposing; the dreaded cleavage. Now do I feel that these girls should cover up? No, absolutely not. Would I do this myself? Nope, it’s just not my thing, but I don’t feel like these girls are anything less of a gamer then the girls who dress in baggy hoodies or onesies.

What makes it even more interesting is to see how these girls sometimes are able to play these guys by having them pay these girls to throw insults at them. I think it’s brilliant! They are clearly exploiting the guys that feel the need to rage and want to put these girls down by hurling one insult after another at them, while the girls are lining their pockets with the money of the Trolls. And for that I take my hat of to them.

Baggie hoodie

It is not just girls mentioned that get targeted though. As long as you are female it seems you will at least get one visit of a Troll to your channel in your streaming career. I’ve had it in the past and trust me, I was just wearing a baggy hoodie and jeans at the time. Yet the fact I was Dutch was enough to be put on the same line as an adult movie star. This boggled me when it happened to me several years ago; but a click of the ban button is quickly done. Other girls like me have experienced it too and I’m quite proud to see how they find it quite easy to put these guys in their place, but it makes me even happier to see an entire chatroom lay into the trolls to banish them to the dark hole they crawled out off.

Streaming world

Now has it pushed me away of streaming myself? Nah, I have started streaming again after I took a break for several years. The streamer world is very much still the same, but girls seem to be more prominent now than several years ago. It feels great being part of ‘my tribe’ again. I have had nothing but friendly people in my stream and it has made playing horror games that much more entertaining; to share my jump scares with an audience.



Article written by Sil

Sil proudly brands herself as a gamer. She has played far too many mmo's and loves to stream her gaming adventures on Twitch under the name McMonkeyzz, while accompanied by her best gaming buddy, Rosie the little, black cat. She also has a weakness for rugged men with a sense of humour like her boyfriend, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Thor and Deadpool. Ow and she draws stuff.

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