Why do famous men get away with sexual abuse?

Why do famous men get away with sexual abuse?

I usually try to post positive things on The Sassologist. Things that will make you smile or that make you relate to it. I try to talk about music and the experience of being a music fan. But as I am not running a beauty or lifestyle blog in which I have to be positive all the time, I can write about the bad things in life too. The bad things in music and entertainment.

This morning as I was browsing around on my Facebook feed, I saw a video of an interview with R. Kelly. Now I never really liked R.Kelly. Well, when I was a little kid, I liked the I Believe I can Fly song but that was mostly because I completely adored Space Jam (I should totz watch that again as that was a great film). I did not pay attention to R. Kelly after that, until the accusations of him having sexually abused young girls surfaced. I knew that it was wrong, but I was too young to truly comprehend what was going on.

R. Kelly sexual abuse rumors

Now, back to the interview. The interviewer tries to ask R. Kelly some legitimate questions about his past but he refuses to answer. He keeps talking over her, saying how much he loves his fans and that they love him. Weird that his album sales are very low. Probably because it weren’t just rumours that he raped teenage girls. There is footage of him actually having sexual intercourse with minors. People do not put up with that kind of stuff. I think we can all let go of the excuse that albums don’t sell anymore because of downloads, because Adele.

It’s shocking that R.Kelly was never convicted. I find it shocking that an artist like Lady Gaga chose to work with him and feature him on a track that was supposed to come out as a single (but somehow the video was never released). This is not the first time. And while the media and everybody else on the planet convicted Bill Cosby for his abuse against women, he has yet to be officially convicted by a court of law.

Men get away with horrible things

It is an old issue. Men with power could almost always get away with disrespecting women, abusing them or raping them. A woman even daring to sue her attacker was often shamed or called a whore. It still happens. We look at these men and their carefully built persona and we can’t imagine that they would do such a horrible thing. And shockingly enough there are plenty of people who don’t even care. We’d rather let these men run around, living their cosy lives and entertain us than facing the fact that they ruined lives. And why? Because they could. Because they were in power. And because they had enough money to buy themselves out of jail.

I think that it is horrifying and ridiculous that we let these men get away with it. What kind of example do we send out to boys? “What? She says no? She’s just playing hard to get. She wants you, boy. Go get her!” What kind of message do we send out to young girls? “You have to do whatever a man wants from you, especially if he is famous or powerful. You are just a tool and nobody will believe you if you say he raped you.

This is not the world I want my future children to grow up in. These are not the values I want to teach them. Fame does not equal immunity. Power does not equal immunity. Sexual abuse is a crime, whether the victim is male or female, black or white. It doesn’t matter. As long as rape culture still exists, we have a long battle ahead of us.

That was the deep post of this week. I shall try to get into the Christmas Spirit tomorrow.



Article written by Ingrid

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