Mindfulness; Taming the chaos in your brain

Mindfulness; Taming the chaos in your brain

Everybody who knows me or follows this blog might know that my mind is basically one big chaos during most days. I am a thinker and therefore my head is full of things way too often. That causes things like lack of sleep and that pesky anxiety. But behold! Lately it’s been going much better and I think that is partly because I have discovered something new: Mindfulness!


The drawing above describes how I mostly reacted when people told me to chill. Just smile and pretend that everything is fine while a big ass monster is feasting on your brains in the meantime. So not cool. I tried to cope with it on my own but you cannot tame the beast of chaos in your head just by telling it to get down.

When I was first told about Mindfullness, I was a little skeptical. Despite being moderately interested in spirituality, it was not something I thought would be useful. I mean, yeah, focus on your thoughts, focus on your surroundings. But I have like a million things to worry about and stress over. I mean, who has time to be all zen and shit?

It took me a while before I started getting into it. I started with being more aware of my surroundings when I was walking the dog. Taking in deep breaths. Breathing out. Admiring the beauty of nature. It helped. I enjoyed the walks for more because I wasn’t constantly worrying about everything that needed to be done. Which is great.

Mindfullness App

I later downloaded a Dutch app (VGZ Mindfullness App) that gives you mindfullness exercises. It helped me focus on breathing. It helped me get rid of negative thoughts and it helped me clear my mind. Which is good, especially when your head is so full like mine was all the time. Here are some apps in English you can download to help you take your first steps in the mindfullness game.

We are living such rushed lives and I have learned that it feels so great to take a moment and just breathe. Every little thing is going to be fine. No need to constantly worry. Live in the moment.

I am going to take the Mindfullness challenge and spend at least 10 minutes every day to focus on emptying my mind. I challenge you to do the same! Let me know how mindfullness is working out for you.



Article written by Ingrid

Ingrid is the twenty-something owner of The Sassologist, who loves everything that has to do with pop culture. While she is one of many who is in the process of writing a novel, she is also currently in denial over not being a witch. Her Hogwarts letter has yet to arrive. In the meantime she writes about pop culture and dreams about unicorns.

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