The Ultimate Guide To Different Kinds Of Fans

The Ultimate Guide To Different Kinds Of Fans

When you are part of any fandom or perhaps more than one fandom, you will notice that every fandom has specific kinds of fans. Some will annoy the hell out of you and you can identify yourself more with others. It is a very facinating thing and just by observing these people closely, you can tell exactly how they are going to react in certain situations.

A few weeks ago I was present at the taping of a tv-show. There was an artist whose music I liked very much but I would not call myself a hardcore fan. Anyway, it was incredibly fascinating to observe the people who WERE hardcore fans because I saw so many similarities to the fandoms I belonged to myself. Sometimes I was a little taken aback by the amount of obsessive dedication some showed, because even though I have seen it before, that kind of behaviour was alien to me. Observing these kinds of fans did help me compose the list of all lists:

The Ultimate Guide to Different Kinds of Fans

For people who are new to a fandom it can be quite overwhelming to find out how to deal with different kinds of fans, especialy when you are on a high yourself. But I am here to help, because I am nice like that.

The hyper teenager who adores everything about their favourite artist/series/books

Usually between the ages of 12 and 18, these are the kind of fans that are so excited about everything and everyone related to the thing they love, that they could spontaneously combust out of sheer joy. Their rooms are plastered with posters, they spend every free second they have on tumblr and twitter to gush about what they love along with other teenage fans and they can’t wait for the day that they are old enough to go see their favourite artist in concert a million times or buy every merchandise available of their favourite series. Can scream so high that you will get instant hearing impairment.

The twenty-something who pretends to be super cool but is still a teenage fangirl at heart

Society forces us twenty-somethings to be super cool and act like adults, so when somebody asks us if we like Harry Potter, we will say that it is cool, but secretely we scream YASS IT IS SO AMAZING OMG DYING INSIDE RIGHT NOW. Only when we meet other twenty-something fans we will scream at each other in joy and can discuss our favourite things for hours and hours, while we hope that the outsside world does not notice our obsessions. Unless we go to concerts or meetings or screenings or whatever. Then we let our inner fangirl/boy out and it is magical.

The middle-aged people who are living their second youth

Their families judge them for this, and perhaps their husbands/wives wish they had known about the obsession before getting married; but these fans are living their second youth. They have the money to go wherever they want, buy whatever they want and they’d like everybody to know that they have a lot of experience in life and fandoms. Some are solely into a fandom because they try to escape their real lives as those have become rather dull. Others do have a great life and see the fandom as an enrichment rather than an escape.

The fan who will not hear a negative word about the thing they love most

This is the type of fan who adores everything their favourite artist does. They love every word of their favourite book series and every episode of their favourite tv-show is amazing. They will not hear a negative word about anything. “OMG I LOVE THAT NEW SONG. *Insert artist* IS A GENIUS. THE EINSTEIN OF MUSIC. OUR LORD AND OUR SAVIOUR.” When you dare to say that the song is not really that good, they will write page-long essays on why you are wrong and why you such and why you should just move to the North-Pole with your negativity. The more obsessive ones have a tendency to stalk you all over the internet to make sure you feel ashamed about your existence. These fans are very intense.

The collector

Basically collects everything there is related to their favourite thing. Usually have a special room for their stuff. They enjoy looking at their collection and they love sharing their expertise.

The jealous fan

Nobody will consider themself a jealous fan, but these are the people who cannot stand it when someone else gets attention from their favourite artist and they don’t. They think they are the center of the universe and when this image gets shattered, they will take to twitter or their equally jealous friends to bitch and moan about the other fan and making sure that fan knows that he/she is not special but just got a lucky moment. Beware of these fans.

The show-offs

These guys like to tell everybody how they met their favourite artist/writer/actor a million times and that they are on first-name basis. They pretend to be very close to their favourite person and have inside information, while usually the experience they had was not as amazing as they make it seem. They live for eyecontact and ‘special moments’ they can add to their repetoire to poke other people’s eyes out. Tip: the more someone brags about something, the less happened.

The “I respect my favourite artist” but stalks him/her anyway – fan

These fans keep going on about respecting their favourite artist. They are quick to crucify other fans who got carried away and were ‘disrespectful’ in the eyes of the respectful fan. What they forget to mention is that they went on a trip to the city of their favourite artist and hung out in front of his/her house, know every security camera and how to avoid it and are on first-name basis with the artist’s mailman. Will do anything to get close to whoever is involved with the artist to extract information and get perks here and there. Has trouble actually connecting with the artist, but feels smug about what they have accomplished instead.

The groupie

Wants to be as close to their favourite artist as possible and will step over dead bodies to get there. Will try everything to meet their favourite artists and some do not shy away from offering sexual favours in return for backstage access.

The nice fan

Loves everybody. Feels like everyone belongs to one big family and likes to be kind to everybody. Is genuinely happy when somebody gets to meet their favourite artist/writer/actor or when someone scores a rare piece of merchandise. Often doesn’t have the funds to travel or buy a lot so lives through others and dreams of having the same chances. They are mostly dreamers.

The casual fan

Enjoys music, books or tv-series, but is not an extreme fan. Visits concerts but does not put posters all over the walls. Reads books and watched films and enjoys it, but keeps away from the madness of fandoms. Usually they have one artist or book/tv/film-series they really like but they do not limit themselves to liking just one. Can be found in every different age-group.

I hope this guide was useful. Have I missed any fan-species? Let me know in the comments!



Article written by Ingrid

Ingrid is the twenty-something owner of The Sassologist, who loves everything that has to do with pop culture. While she is one of many who is in the process of writing a novel, she is also currently in denial over not being a witch. Her Hogwarts letter has yet to arrive. In the meantime she writes about pop culture and dreams about unicorns.

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  1. Dan Reply

    More dangerous than the Jealous Fan is the Possessive Fan. The artist is perceived as belonging to them, and them alone. They are obsessive about learning all there is to know about the artist, following their relatives and children on social media to learn every tidbit of information, and taking fandom to its creepiest stalker extremes. They view their bond with the artist as a mutual relationship and can become angry and unhinged when the artist does not reciprocate. The fact that these types of fanatics do exist is why artists have to be very careful in how they deal with all fans and why artists must be always conscious of safety and security. In every fandom, it is important to look out for these possessive fans and to understand that the threat they pose is very real, unfortunately. This is the dark underbelly of every fandom.

  2. Ju Nogueira Reply

    I’m deff the twenty-something (almost thirty ?) fan hahah

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