The Battle of the Book Boxes: Owlcrate vs. Fairyloot

The Battle of the Book Boxes: OwlCrate vs. FairyLoot

Several years ago I got into the hype of subscription book boxes that companies would send to subscribers. It all started with Lootbox for me. I then tried Nerdblock and the Horrorblock until eventually I found the book subscription boxes.

There are many of these book boxes that book lovers can subscribe to, which could become pretty expensive. In the end I had to look for boxes that always made me feel that I enjoyed getting and were worth the money. So I narrowed it down to OwlCrate and FairyLoot. Let me just compare the two of them.

The Battle of the Book Boxes: Owlcrate vs. Fairyloot

The appearance of the book boxes

Both boxes are of a similar size and they both sport their company names all over it. I love the little owls that OwlCrate has, but the Fairyloot box has a beautiful quote on the inside. They both are sturdy and are filled with enough paper packing on the inside that you don’t have to worry about items getting damaged.

The bookish goodies and spoiler cards

The spoiler cards are both very informative, but I do feel that OwlCrate is better at giving the description of the items a bit more of their personal touch. Personally I prefer the art of the FairyLoot cards more, but that doesn’t take away that the one for OwlCrate isn’t beautiful. I am happy to see that OwlCrate has slowly started to make the name of the company a bit smaller on the card so that you can also display it as a nice piece of art, like FairyLoot has done with their cards.

Both subscriptions give you a similar amount of items in their boxes. I have often found scented candles, tote bags and book markers in both. Now and again you get the extra special item like a Funko pop in your box. I feel that OwlCrate used to be the stronger one with their items in their boxes, but FairyLoot seems to have stepped up their game as of late and I have found quite a few bigger items in their boxes, like OwlCrate seems to have.

Both boxes in my opinion put a lot of effort in the items in the box. I’ve never felt like I was shortchanged on any of the boxes. The items are of a good quality and they take care of how the theme of the box is being presented.

The Battle of the Book Boxes: Owlcrate vs. Fairyloot

New YA Books

With both boxes you get a recently released, hardcover edition of a YA book. OwlCrate often has ‘an exclusive book cover’, but in all fairness it’s often just the color being a tad different. Nothing earth shattering. I feel that FairyLoot has had more books similar to my taste, but I have never regretted a box by either company. Both produces really popular books. I think the one thing I like a bit more about FairyLoot is how they put their books in a small pouch to keep it extra safe. I have used these pouches for many other things to organize my messy desk a bit.

Both books are accompanied by a letter from the author and a signed bookplate. They often include bookmarks, stickers or other smaller items from the publishers. I have often found first chapters from other books the publisher has released or is about to be released. I guess this is a good way of promotion and for the readers to find a potential, next to read book for their list.

Book Box Prices

I will have to go with UK prices. FairyLoot is UK based and their single boxes cost £32.95 including shipping in the UK. OwlCrate is based in the USA, their boxes are $29.99 plus $19,99 shipping to Europe. If I would convert the total amount it will be about £37.00

So, not much difference when it comes to the prices. Of course it can change with exchange rates and I have to admit I’m always weary of extra hidden costs of items being shipped from another country. I’m looking at you border taxes. However, it seems that for the UK if a box contains items under a certain value they won’t charge extra. Both companies offer 1-month, 3-months or 6-month subscription plans; but I honestly feel that the tiny discount you get from taking the 3 or 6 month plans is not worth the commitment.

The Battle of the Book Boxes: Owlcrate vs. Fairyloot

Which book box should I pick?

Both FairyLoot and OwlCrate are very similar and I think you can’t go wrong with either. My personal preference is FairyLoot, but I will say that if you live in the USA, I’d go for OwlCrate. Purely a shipping cost choice. FairyLoot might ‘win’ me over by an inch with the items and themes they have offered in the past. But again, it’s more my personal taste and nothing about the quality of the boxes and the items or books. So, which book box would you pick? Do you have a favorite book box? Let us know in the comments!

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