Wildest Dreams Book Box - March

Wildest Dreams Book Box – March

In my constant search for great deals and books…. Or book boxes for that matter, I found a new kid on the block: Wildest Dreams Book Box. This book box is UK based and one of the cheaper ones out there. I always like to see the person behind the book box. So, I found this snippet on the creator on her website:

The makings of Wildest Dreams
Hey, I’m Zoe and I’m the founder of Wildest Dreams. I’m a 24 year old wife, chronic illness sufferer, book blogger and booktuber. For the past two years, I have thrown myself into blogging and vlogging, finally taking on the job full time in June 2017. I took that plunge because my health had deteriorated, but I was determined to not let my chronic illnesses get in my way.  I found that I had a lot of free time on my hands and noticed the lack of affordable UK bookish subscription boxes. I always set out on the book being under £20 and I’m thrilled I’ve been able to achieve that, along with an amazing bookish filled box.

As you can probably guess, I spend most of my time reading. Books are a huge passion of mine and always have been. Nothing makes me more enthusiastic than a good book; I’m sure you’ll find me raving about a book on my social media platforms at all times. Everything included in each box will be chosen with love and care, and because I love the products/book myself.

Wildest Dreams Book Box - March


The theme for this month was ‘Family’. It’s quite a broad theme and I was kind of curious how the creator would apply this to a YA book and goodies. I have to say the price for this crate is quite impressive to me. Where most boxes hover around 30-50 Gbp, this one only costed me 20 Gbp. That already gives it a plus in my book.

Wildest Dreams Book Box - March

Wildest Dreams Book Box - March


So what did we receive in the box?
Now with this cheaper price, we should also be quite realistic about the contents. It’s not going to be overflowing with items like Owl Crate or Fairy Loot, but what I got was nicely prepared for the theme of the box.

There was a Spoiler card explaining all the items to me. The card itself is made from a nice material. No artwork like from the other boxes, but it’s clear and to the point.

The Weasleys Inspired shower gel; it is an exclusive for this box. It smells of orange and you can obviously see why the Weasleys are the inspiration for this.

The Carters – English Breakfast Tea; another thing this box always promises is something for a brew. This is a lovely breakfast tea and it comes with 3 pouches you can fill for your mug or cuppa. Personally I would just use my tea strainer, but it is a nice touch.

Far from the Tree Tissues; OK this is the one thing that made me raise my eyebrows a bit. It’s just tissues with a cover of the book glued to it. It’s nothing fancy, but thinking about it, I do love the thoughts behind this item.

Again, it’s a much cheaper box, so these are all the goodies you can expect.

The book itself

Then there was the book: Far from the Tree by Robin Benway. Not a book I was familiar with, but it is YA and it fits the theme. I will be honest, reading the sleeve I am not entirely sure if it will be my type of book, but I’m happy to give anything a try. I have had books surprise me in the past. Not a hardback, but I love paperbacks just as much.

I like it that you also get a letter from the author to accompany the book and it really seems aimed at the readers of this box. I do like it that this box doesn’t feature the latest and most popular YA release out there. I’ve had the two big ones giving me the exact same book for several instances and it gets quite frustrating. So this is quite refreshing and I might even discover a new writer who I absolutely adore.

In conclusion

The wildest dreams book box is not a bad box at all. Yes, the box itself is quite cheap in comparison to the ‘big name’ ones. However, it still surprised me with a lovely book and several goodies and you really can’t complain for that price. I will definitely subscribe to this one for now and I’m curious to see what the next theme ‘Hocus Pocus’ will feature.

Want to try this box for yourself? Then subscribe on the website here.



Article written by Sil

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