Album Review: Mika - No Place in Heaven

Album Review: Mika – No Place in Heaven

It’s been nearly three years since Mika last released his third album The Origin of Love. After a tour and gigs as judge on X-Factor Italy and the Voice France, he has finally returned to bless our ears with new tunes to enjoy.

Let us look at the album, track by track, while you listen to it:

Talk About You: Everybody knows this song as the first single off of the new album. It is quite a happy song that describes what it feels like to have a crush on someone. It is not the strongest song on the album, yet it does have a very summery feel to it which is great as, well, Summer is Coming.

All She Wants: All She Wants sounds quite happy yet the lyrics tell quite a different story. It is about a mother who wants another song or, perhaps a son who is not gay. I think many people are familiar with having the feeling that they do not live up to the expectations of their parents. All She Wants is a typical Mika song. Sad lyrics sugarcoated with an upbeat melody.

Last Party: A homage to Freddie Mercury, Last Party is one of the more haunting songs on the album. Despite the name, it is certainly not a song we can twerk to at our next houseparty. The piano melody is very slow and very sad, as are Mika’s vocals. “If you could look into the future would ya, if you could see it would you even want to?” Mika sings before the chorus. The song starts slow and builds up from there and ends on a softer note again. The music and Mika’s vocals are beautiful. One of the more beautiful songs on the album.

Good Guys: Good Guys asks us where all the gay guys have gone. I can name quite a few so Mika, if you want to know some gay boys, hit me up. Mika quotes Oscar Wilde (who was allegedly gay, so there is a gay guy) and apart from the fact that gutter is not a pretty word and repeated quite often, it has a wonderful chorus and is quite a nice song. Plus, Mika made one of his best videos for this song.

Oh girl you’re the devil: The shortest song on the album, but it certainly is in the top 3 best songs on this album. It has everything. Mika’s high notes, his low notes, a chorus we can all shout along to in our rooms or at gigs. The song is contagious and clever and if this is not a single I will lose my faith in humanity, basically.

No Place in Heaven: The title track of the album. It strongly reminds me of another famous song but I still have not figured out which song. Mika is talking to the almighty Lawd above and is super sad that there is no place in heaven for someone like him. Luckily, hell is going to be much cooler anyway, with Westboro Baptist Church apparently believing they are going to Heaven. Anyway, I digress. No Place in Heaven is a cute song, however, it is not really an earworm.

Staring at the Sun: Everybody knows that staring at the sun too long is bad for your eyes, but Mika is like yolo, man! He is like “I don’t care if it burns my eyes, I don’t care cause my love is blind.” Don’t say I didn’t warn you, Mika. I enjoy the lyrics very much, however, I find the music not very exciting and Mika’s voice a little bit monotonous during this song. But then again, I am a falsetto-deep voice lover, so never mind me.

Hurts: This is my favourite ballad on the album. Some people hate it and prefer Ordinary Man but I think it is brilliant. I love the piano. Mika’s voice melts perfectly with the music. “Nothing’s only words, that’s how hearts get hurts.” I totally agree. Words can be bitches. I might like this song the most because I can relate to the lyrics. This song is actually the one that brought me closest to feeling all the feels.

Good Wife: Good Wife is Mika’s storytelling at its best. The lyrics are clever and the chorus is easy to remember and sing-along to. Basically, this is Mika’s “If I were a boy.” Except he does not have Beyonce’s fabulous hair. Bring back the curls Mika!

Rio: This song has Mika wonder about how awful life is and that he’d rather fuck off to Rio. Obviously everything is better in Rio. I wouldn’t know though because I have never been there. The chorus is easy to sing along to but the song needs some time to build up to that moment. The guitar music is excellent for a summer day. Now I’m off to Rio, bishes.

Ordinary Man: Some people adore this song. Some people don’t. I’m more in the latter’s team. For me this is the worst song on the album. The lyrics aren’t bad, on the contrary. Lyrically there are some great moments in this song. It just drags on a bit too much for my taste. There are quite a few slow songs on this album. I could have done without this one.

Promiseland: Why in heaven’s name is this song a bonus track? Why the hell is it not on every version? Why the hell does Mika treat probably the best song on this album like it is merely a filler? I do not understand this and I expect Mika to write an essay of three pages as to why this decision was made. Seriously, this song has it all. A great beat, amazing lyrics, that baritone voice. That falsetto. This needs to be a single too. #Justice4Promiseland

Porcelain: When I saw that there was a song called Porcelain, I immediately thought Mika had written a homage to my beautiful pale skin, but unfortunately it wasn’t. That was quite a disappointment. I do love the lyrics of this song and I love the way Mika sings it.

I am not going to talk about the French song cause my French is very rusty and I have not listened to it. All in all it is a good album. I had hoped for more uptempo songs to dance to, but this is fine too.

No Place in Heaven is available almost everywhere, except in the UK because you are not cool enough until the 22nd of June. Anyway, order that album now. You will not regret it.



Article written by Ingrid

Ingrid is the twenty-something owner of The Sassologist, who loves everything that has to do with pop culture. While she is one of many who is in the process of writing a novel, she is also currently in denial over not being a witch. Her Hogwarts letter has yet to arrive. In the meantime she writes about pop culture and dreams about unicorns.

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  1. Liz Reply


    Great review!

    It’s so weird just how many people love Promiseland (me included)

    I was similarly outraged that ‘Ta Dah’ was only a bonus track on TOOL! Annoyingly, it was on a spectate cd so it gets played even less!!!!

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