Beyoncé + Jay-Z: On The Run Tour II Review

Beyoncé + Jay-Z: On The Run Tour II Review

Beyoncé is the queen. It doesn’t matter whether you actually like her or not, she is undeniably multi-talented. This was exactly the reason why I decided that if she ever came back to Holland, I’d go. Lo and behold, the On The Run II tour was announced and somehow we managed to secure some tickets. Which is why yesterday I travelled to Amsterdam to witness Beyoncé and Jay-Z perform. The crowd was filled with cool kids, the atmosphere was great. We were ready to be amazed. And that certainly happened.

Everything is love

Two large screens showed beautiful visuals of Jay en Beyoncé, showing the story of the Gangster and the Queen. When the screens opened, they appeared. She was dressed in a leopard dress and he was clad in a white suit. The crowd erupted the moment they started Holy Grail. From the very first moment, it was clear that all was well in the Carter Family. Of course, the narrative shown on the screens also portray the cracks in their marriage. The fighting and the betrayal. But tonight, that is not the focus. Tonight, the focus is on their love. And this love is genuine. The playful smiles and the flirting during songs feel genuine. Love is real.

Beyoncé + Jay-Z: On The Run Tour II Review


There are few breaks in between the songs. This is a show that is executed with military precision. Every move is calculated. Every gaze in the audience is intentional. There is not a lot of room for spontaneous interaction. They have not come to play. It is very different from Katy Perry’s Witness the Tour, where there was room for interaction and to mess up. Then again, this is Beyoncé we are talking about. The fact that everything is so well-thought out is part of her brand. She and Jay control the narrative of their story.

They don’t need much to put on a show. Apart from the two screens and dancers, there are no props. Still the show is never boring. Both of them demand all of the attention, and the crowd continues to be mesmerized throughout the entire show. It shows that these two are certainly the biggest players in the music world right now.

The only downside that I can think of is that the music was prerecorded. There are some random people with saxophones and a girl with an electric guitar that is not even plugged in. If you don’t want to put the focus on a band, that is fine, but then they should have left out the fake band.

That said, they both sounded amazing, despite the fact that the sound in the Arena was horrible. This happens with every show and it’s a shame because at times it was impossible to distinguish the different songs.

Beyoncé + Jay-Z: On The Run Tour II Review


If you are alive in this day and age, it should be mandatory to see Beyoncé live at least once in your life. She is a true performer in so many ways. While I never really felt any connection to Jay-Z, I have to admit that he was also entertaining to watch. All in all, the On The Run II show is an excellent example of why these two are on top of the game. It is definitely worth checking out.



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