Concert Review: Adele @ The Ziggo Dome 4 June 2016

Concert Review: Adele @ The Ziggo Dome 4 June 2016

A whole lot of months ago, I entered the Hunger Games of getting Adele tickets. You see, Adele was back with a massive hit. You might have heard of it? Hello? Anyway, she announced that she was going on tour and as this was probably the last chance to see her live as she is notorious for hiding for years, I really wanted to go and see her live. But there were thousands of other people who had the same idea. So I got ready early in the morning before the presale started, and miraculously, I managed to buy four tickets after just 15 minutes of waiting. I was amazed and happy as I could sit back and relax, watching the desperate attempts of others to get as lucky as I had been.


Fast forward a few months and I count the hours until I can leave work. At a little over 4pm, we are in the car on our way to Amsterdam, excited for the gig ahead. It did not go exactly as planned. Just 20 minutes in our journey, we get involved in chain collision. I ended up getting out of the car, calling 911 and waiting for my cousin to be transported to the hospital to have her neck checked as it hurt so bad. I joined her and we sat there waiting, unknown if we’d be able to make it.

“Shame about the tickets,” the nurses said. “Soooo do you need to get rid of them?” How tactful.

After an hour of waiting, we contact each other again (my cousin and boyfriend were sorting out insurance claims) and decided that we should still go to Amsterdam. We drive there with no rush whilst singing Hello (when my cousin said: “It was really almost hello from the other side”) and arrive a half past eight. The security were really nice and the head security suggested we go in and she’d hold the ticket for my other cousin who was still parking the car. We rushed into the concert hall were Adele was already on stage. We missed the first three songs, but hey, we were there and that was all that mattered really.

Phenomenal voice

I was a little dizzy and nauseous still, but I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Adele has a phenomenal voice that is unrivalled by any pop divas who grace the earth today. More so, singing these songs seem to come easy to her as she belts without as much as breaking a sweat. She sounds even better than on the record, which is something that almost seemed impossible to me.

There were no giant sets, no dancers, nothing that wasn’t necessary for the show. Adele has a powerful voice and that and her musicians are enough to entertain. Not to mention the fact that Adele is completely adorable. She joked a lot, smiled a lot and couldn’t thank the audience enough for supporting her for all of these years. She also let out her inner Spice Girl, after sharing a story about her first concert, which was a Spice Girls gig. Basically I want her to be my best friend.


And although we missed Hello, we were there to witness other powerful songs and her biggest hits. Skyfall, Someone Like You (that was especially beautiful), Set Fire to the Rain and Rolling in the Deep were all sung beautifully, as were more recent songs like Water Under The Bridge and Send My Love. At the end of the show, confetti filled the air, but not just any confetti. Every piece of confetti had a little message written on it (of course printed. I don’t think Adele has time to write on thousands of confetti pieces).


Photo taken by my cousin

It was a magical evening, despite the rough start, which was quickly forgotten as Adele indulged us into her world. It was definitely worth it, so if you can get your hands on tickets (and watch out for fakes) take your chance!



Article written by Ingrid

Ingrid is the twenty-something owner of The Sassologist, who loves everything that has to do with pop culture. While she is one of many who is in the process of writing a novel, she is also currently in denial over not being a witch. Her Hogwarts letter has yet to arrive. In the meantime she writes about pop culture and dreams about unicorns.

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