Concert Review: Katy Perry Witness the Tour Amsterdam

Concert Review: Katy Perry Witness the Tour Amsterdam

Ten years ago, I stumbled across the profile of a Katy Perry on MySpace. I decided to listen to her music and was instantly hooked on her tunes. I sent her some messages and she replied, saying that she was going to take over the rest of the world very soon. It’s crazy to think that ten years later, she’s one of the biggest pop stars in the world. I’ve seen her in a 1000 people venue, to playing Ziggo Dome (with a capacity of about 17,000 people) two days in a row. All of us who were there in the beginning believed that she had it in her to become this big. It’s been one hell of a journey though. Last weekend I managed to go to Amsterdam to see the Katy Perry Witness the tour shows. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it to any more dates, so I had to make the most of it. Luckily the show was everything I could have dreamed of and more.

Bigger and better

In 2015, Katy performed in the same venue with her Prismatic World Tour. Back then the show was already fantastic. Yet this time around, Katy must have thought she could have done it bigger and better. The show is a true spectacle. There is not a single moment where the show fails to entertain. Even during the interludes, when Katy is changing her costumes, there are plenty of things to see. Some critics may argue that it is too much, but I disagree. Katy is an entertainer. Her music is unapologetically pop that does not pretend to be anything else. Her brand is largely built around her theatrics, unlike artists such as Ed Sheeran. Personally I prefer these big shows to overwhelm me, as it allows me to escape reality for two hours.

Concert Review: Katy Perry Witness the Tour Amsterdam

That said, it is obvious that Katy’s live performance keeps evolving. Her vocals are stronger than ever and her dancing is the best it has ever been. It’s clear that everybody on stage is having a great time. That’s important because a show like this doesn’t just happen on stage. It happens in the audience too and if both have great energy, magic happens. This was definitely the case in Amsterdam.

Drop Zone

While there was plenty to see, there were some slower moments that didn’t necessarily work that well. There was a part when Left Shark and Katy had moment in which they played foot piano. It was fun enough, but it took a little too long. At some point I saw the crowd kind of getting a little bored during this section. Yet there was no need to worry as the pace was picked up soon after.

Both shows I was in the drop zone, which I prefer over GA. If you want to see this show and have a chance to buy drop zone, make sure you do. It allows you to be near the stage while you don’t have to queue. While the Amsterdam Drop Zone was quite crowded, there was still plenty of space to move around. It made it easier to dance around, which is mandatory of course!

Audience Interaction

Katy makes it a priority to interact with her fans. While this tour she interacts a little less than during the Prismatic World Tour, there were still many cute moments in which fans could get up close and personal with their favourite artist. During one section, Katy floats on a small planet to a smaller stage in the middle of the drop zone. This is where she talks to fans and shows her appreciation before singing the love song Into Me You See. During the first show, two lucky fans were called on stage to play basketball against Katy. Small moments like these show how accessible she is to her fans. A popstar on her level doesn’t have to be. Yet after all these years, she still wants to connect with fans and I think that is wonderful.

Concert Review: Katy Perry Witness the Tour Amsterdam


Katy’s European tour has only just begun and afterwards she will travel to South-Africa and Australia. If you want to witness the show for herself, you should check out her site for any tour dates near you. Even if you are not a big fan, there is still plenty that will entertain you. She plays all the hits, there is so much to see. This is a show that you do not want to miss. Katy is a born entertainer, and you will be entertained, that’s for sure. Don’t miss it!




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