The emotional journey of buying concert tickets

The emotional journey of buying concert tickets


You wake up and you see the announcement. One of your favourite artists is coming to your country. You hyperventilate, not knowing how to cope. As this artist is quite popular, you know that you will not be the only one who wants tickets. You check the facebook event page every day and to your dismay, you see that 80,000 people have clicked the interested button. Then you start having anxiety attacks and you cry a little. But you really want to go to this show. You will do whatever it takes.

So you’ve gathered your friends in another whatsapp group with a catchy name and you discuss your strategy. All your friends claim they have to work so you have no choice but to say: “I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!” It’s on you now. You’ll determine the outcome of the Ticket Games.

The emotional journey of buying concert tickets

You wake up extremely early, afraid that you will miss out and the world will end. You breathe in and out and have never been so interested in clocks before. Time ticks away slowly as you keep repeating your strategy to yourself. Your friends send you words of encouragement, but you know that those are not useful when you are in the arena.

5 minutes to go. You keep refreshing and refreshing. And then…a miracle happens. A few minutes before tickets were supposed to go on sale, the Buy Tickets button appears. You let out a primal roar as you click on the button that will take you there.

Hunger Games

The waiting begins. You never thought you could hate queues any more than you do now. This is not the supermarket. Nobody cares that you are waving your cash around. This is survival of the fittest. This is SPARTA.

And you watch the screen like you’ve never watched a screen before. You do not want your eyes to wander, afraid that you will miss your chance. You’ve only got one shot, Eminem said, do not miss your chance to blow. You recall something about him rapping about his mum’s spaghetti and you wonder if that is real or if you’ve imagined it.

The minutes tick away. You are starting to get frustrated. This is your only goal in life right now. If you could, you would elbow everybody in this queue out of the way. But this is the virtual world, my friend, so your hammer punch will not come in handy this time. Maybe you should get a drink. Is it acceptable to start drinking at 9am? Well it is now.

The emotional journey of buying concert tickets

And then there are two possibilities.


As you are about to give up, you finally made it through. But you know that you’re not there yet. You select best available tickets and hope that it is still available and lord let there not be an error page. Oh good, you’ve made it through. Payment. Yes, Paypal! You feared that you’d have to pay with credit card and your momma told you never to get one. You click the pay button. It re-directs you to the next page and ORDER CONFIRMED! YOU HAVE DONE IT! You may have peed a little in the process, but you are going to see your favourite artist and your friends love you even more now! HURRAY!



After 90 minutes of pondering about the meaning of life and your reason for being here, you finally make it through and the dreaded words come on screen. Sold Out. It feels like your heart has been ripped out of your chest. You drop to your knees and cry about how unfair life is. You curse every soul who did get tickets. YOUR TICKETS! They stole them! But not really but theoretically speaking.

You wonder how much you would make if you’d sell your kidney. Maybe you’d be able to afford the insane prices on StubHub. Or maybe if you beg enough, your favourite artist will put you on the guestlist. Life is hard for a music fan.

So those are the things most people go through when buying tickets.

Have you ever experienced stressful ticket-buying moments? Did you succeed in the end? Let me know in the comments!



Article written by Ingrid

Ingrid is the twenty-something owner of The Sassologist, who loves everything that has to do with pop culture. While she is one of many who is in the process of writing a novel, she is also currently in denial over not being a witch. Her Hogwarts letter has yet to arrive. In the meantime she writes about pop culture and dreams about unicorns.

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  1. julie taylor Reply

    lol! exactly what I go through..and all the friends that are willing and able to participate , every time Marco Mengoni announces a new tour ! added bonus is that we have to do it in italian as well ! But all will be well on may 22nd next year when I am seeing my dream artist in a dream venue..Verona arena ! front row !!!

  2. Silverman Reply

    Oh my god Ingrid, you described the feeling in the best possible way, I’ve been living this for a while now and you could think that after a few times you get used to it but no, every time is like the first time, the fear comes back, the stress of people relying on you, i’ve been very lucky si far and have succeeded every time, i can’t imagine the day i don’t (knocks on wood) that would be my last day, i’d die…
    Btw i never comment but i love your blog, i really do 🙂

  3. Ju Nogueira Reply

    You’ve just described last May 7 to me, the day I bought tickets for Katy Perry in São Paulo (Sep 25th).

    So much tension, so many page refreshes hahaha I really thought I wouldn’t get them, but I did!

    Hope I always succeed in the Ticket Games 😀

  4. Lissy Reply

    Perfect description, you nailed it.
    But what about possibility 1a), when you are relived that you got your tickets for one tiny second, before you realize you need to head over to the next ticket site, because you and your fangirling friends decided to attent multiple shows and the tickets all go on sale on the same day? Ahhhh, rest in peace my nerves.

  5. Nushin Reply

    This one just desciribed the day I bought Shawn Mendes tickets. I bought them and I was shaking so hard and then I refreshed and saw they are sold out!! I was so so so so happy that I was lucky enough to get one, never forgetting that day 🙂

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