Lady Gaga Joanne World Tour in Amsterdam Ziggo Dome

Lady Gaga Joanne World Tour in Amsterdam

Lady Gaga is one of the few artists I see live each tour. So, the Joanne World Tour was my fourth encounter with this entertainer. Because that’s what she is live: a pure entertainer. Some popstars hide behind recordings or just lip-synch the better part of their songs. Not Gaga: she is such a great singer live. And she not only sings, she dances, moves and jumps all around. She is such a blast to see live, and the Joanne tour was no exception. I saw her at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam on January 20th.

Who is Joanne?

Lady Gaga Joanne World Tour Ziggo Dome Amsterdam

Lady Gaga’s real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. So you get why she picked an artist name for herself. But as you can see, her second name is Joanne. She was named after her aunt, her father’s sister. This Joanne died when she was just 19, due to lupus. During the concert, Lady Gaga explained how her aunt left her mark on the Germanotta family. Not only her father and their parents grieved the death of their sister and daughter, Gaga herself felt the loss too, even though she was born some twelve years after Joanne’s death.

Joanne plays a prominent part in Gaga’s life. For example, she has the date of her death tattoed on her arm. So, as a tribute, Lady Gaga named her latest album Joanne. At the concert, she performed a very emotional version of the song Joanne, which she dedicated to all families and everybody who has known loss. It was such a tearful and beautiful moment, during such a great song.

Take my hand, stay Joanne
Heaven’s not ready for you
Every part of my aching heart
Needs you more than the angels do

Edge of Glory

Lady Gaga Joanne World Tour Edge of Glory

At the Artpop Tour, Gaga performed almost none of her big hits and even pointed a finger at audience member who where only there for her hits. And even though that tour was also great, I still would’ve liked to see some hitsongs, also because Artpop just isn’t Gaga’s strongest album in my opinion. So I was delighted that during the Joanne World Tour, Gaga sang pretty much all of her great hits. Just Dance, Pokerface, Bad Romance, Paparazzi, Alejandro, Telephone and Applause were all there and I can’t honestly say which one I enjoyed the most since they were all amazing and so enjoyable.

But it was Edge of Glory that made the biggest impact. Sitting at a neon piano, Gaga performed an almost accoustic version of this hitsong. during performances like these, it’s clear just how amazing Gaga’s voice is. In a heated arena, this must have given everybody goosebumps. I almost don’t want to hear the original upbeat version anymore. The entire show was a good mix between older hits, new songs from Joanne, dance numbers and slower songs. And such a big kudos to Gaga’s dancers and band, who were all equally amazing.

Also, the costumes, the make-up, the props and the sets were all spot on. I can’t even imagine how Gaga and her dancers change outfits so quickly. And Oh My God, how incredible were those floating runways? I didn’t even know there was another stage untill they floated down. It’s so cool how each tour of Gaga has a totally different look and feel.

It’s time to feel the rush to push the dangerous
I’m gonna run right to, to the edge with you
Where we’ll both fall far in love

Little Monsters at Joanne World Tour

Lady Gaga Joane World Tour

The original dates for the European part of the Joanne World Tour were in the fall of 2017. But Gaga got ill and had to cancel the entire European part. So, this was a time for catching up. And while it honestly sucked that the original date was cancelled, it al turned out for the best, since Gaga was in top shape. It’s so important that an artist thinks about his or her health and knows when to stop. Now, the audience got a Gaga in perfect shape, with a great voice and equally great dance moves. This would never have been possible in October.

During the concert, Gaga constantly praised her fans and said ‘I love you’ in Dutch. Her Little Monsters got the attention they needed, and not just that: the meanings behind Gaga’s songs and music are so powerful. Be yourself, love yourself, know your worth. It’s not often a huge popstar has words of meaning and great impact for her fans; but the Little Monsters will always leave a show feeling better about themselves, and that is worth more than any number one hit.

The Joanne World Tour proved again why Gaga is such a strong performer, such a strong woman and such an example for fans and performers alike. If you ever get the chance to see her live: do it. Seeing Lady Gaga live is just the best.



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