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Lady Gaga – Million Reasons video

I admit, in the past I have been quite critical of Lady Gaga’s music. I still think Artpop is not quite a good album to say the least. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I heard her new album, which I talked about here. One of the songs which I loved right away was Million Reasons. I was instantly touched upon listening to the song for the first time and it made me feel things I hadn’t felt before. A certain longing and a heartbreak, even though my heart is not broken at this moment.

The song has such raw emotion and is so powerful in its simplicity that I think it is one of Gaga’s best songs to date. She’s a grown woman now and that was evident when listening to the album and especially to this song. The song has inspired parts of the story I’m writing too, because that is what good music does. It inspires and good art creates new art.

About an hour ago, Gaga released the video for Million Reasons and I am very glad it is the second single. Read more to watch the video and read my thoughts

Just like the song, the video is simple. The majority of the video shows Gaga in a pink suit and a guitar, singing her heart out. There is no big storyline other than that it shows the heartbreak and it shows the longing and it does so perfectly. Sometimes it is better to let the music be the most important factor in a video. When a song is good, you don’t need all the theatrics and drama and dancers to show that.

The future for Lady Gaga

Also, can we talk about how absolutely gorgeous she is? While I loved her theatrical looks in the beginning of her career, I grew tired of them after a while. And Gaga doesn’t need all that. She has such a powerful voice and persona that just a little bit of makeup and nice clothes are enough to make her shine. I admire her for going into a completely different direction with this album and this video. I like the fact that it is a continuation of the Perfect Illusion video. I’m curious to see what Gaga will do in the near future and hope that I will be able to catch her live soon. I can’t wait to hear this song live and cry my eyeballs out.



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