Lady Gaga - Perfect Illusion

Lady Gaga – Perfect Illusion

I loved Lady Gaga back in the day. The Fame and the Fame Monster were my jams. While I did not always understood her outfits, I thought it was cool that she dared to go out dressed like that. I loved the whole theatrical aspects of her whole being and sadly enough I have never been able to see her live. When Born This Way was released, my love for Gags was fading and I was hardly interested in her any more. And let’s not talk about Artpop. That album was not really good. Apart from Venus, which was my guilty pleasure, I think Artpop was her worst album to date.

Gaga went on to release a jazz album with Tony Benett, which wasn’t a massive success either and then starred in American Horror Story and won a bunch of awards for that. She also decided to dress less extreme, which showed us that she doesn’t really need these costumes as she is gorgeous either way. And let’s be honest, when you have a voice like Gaga’s, that alone should be enough.

The Fame or Artpop?

I am very curious as to what her new album will be like. I honestly hope it will be more The Fame than Artpop, but if her new single is anything to go by, at least we know it will be good.

Perfect Illusion is nothing like what Gaga has done before, which is a good thing because artists constantly have to reinvent themselves in order to grow. It’s a very rocky song and Gaga’s vocals aren’t the clean-cut autotuned perfection we are used to in current pop songs, but this is a good thing! Perfection gets boring and I like that Gaga dares to be edgy. This is obviously an artist who is comfortable with herself and comfortable with her position in the pop world.

It wasn’t love. It was a perfect illusion.

The lyrics are no poetic masterpieces, but that’s not relevant. The world was waiting for a good pop song and Gaga delivered it. Is it as good as Bad Romance or Paparazzi? No it’s not, but it’s hard to top brilliance. It might take some time for a lot of people to get used to this sound, but the more you listen to the single, the better it becomes.

I am curious about the new album and I do hope I catch her live this time around.

Have a listen for yourself and decide:



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