Music Monday: What not to wear to concerts

Music Monday: What not to wear to concerts

When you go to a concert, you want to look especially fashionable. Because going to a concert is not just going for the music. You want to be seen. You want other fans to marvel at your fabulousness. You want the artist on stage to not be able to keep his/her eyes off of you and demand to know if you are available to style them for their next tour. A concert is a way to express yourself in your outfit. Some people copy their favourite artist’s outfits in great detail. Others take parts of their favourite songs and dress up as that (can I get a holla for the Starbucks lovers, even though those weren’t the actual lyrics?)

I too am I person who likes to look fabulous at concerts. When I see pictures of my younger self, I sometimes cry because I looked ridiculous. But at that point I wanted to be the most unique looking person in the room. I dressed up as a Lollipop Whore (the original character was a Lollipop girl), Alice in Wonderland (more people dressed up in this theme. It was fun. It ot me on stage), the most awful colour combinations and dresses with tattoo leggings. Absolute no-gos. But hey, if you think you look fabulous then work it!

Never wear this to a concert

There are just some things you should never wear. Not because it makes you look ridiculous, but more because it is very unpractical. I went to a large festival. It was my first festival ever. I thought it would be an absolutely brilliant idea to wear a playsuit with a zipper on the back. I looked great, or at least I thought so. Until we were at the festival and I had to go to the toilet. I spent five minutes struggling to reach the zipper but it was no use. I was forced to go outside and ask the next person in line to open my zipper for me. It was quite embarrassing, but hey, we learn, right?

Wrong. At another concert, I thought I would look super fabulous if I wore high heels. But proper high heels. I was going to meet Justin Bieber after all. That meant I finally had the chance to tower over somebody (because yes he is quite small). Thing is, when you have to stand for hours, your feet will hurt. Badly. There will be blisters all over your blisters. You will ask the lord for mercy and wonder why you didn’t listen to your mother when she questioned why you would wear those shoes. Unless you have heels on that you know you can stand on for ages, don’t wear them. Your feet will be eternally grateful.

Basically, no matter how fabulous you think you look, don’t wear something to a concert if it is not comfortable. You want to dance. You want to move. You want to be able to see. If you can combine those aspects, then you have a winner. Unless you have a personal unzipper. Then you should be fine as well.



Article written by Ingrid

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