Music Monday: Wouter Hamel

Music Monday: Wouter Hamel

My mother once said: “It’s better to post a Music Monday late than never.” She didn’t actually say that but I figured it would be a nice way to start this post. Yes Monday is almost over but that hasn’t stopped me before. Today I am going to do Music Monday slightly different. I will not just post about the struggles of fandom anymore. As I want to slightly change The Sassologist into a different kind of site, I will now also enlighten you with music I like and that you might not know. You are very welcome.

In this Music Monday, I would like to introduce you to a Dutch artist named Wouter Hamel. Basically because the Dutch always do it better. And you might like his music. Who knows, right? Right.

So Hamel, as he is called internationally because Wouter is such a very Dutch name and difficult to pronounce for foreigners, is already the shit in Korea and Japan and probably other parts of Asia as well. I wouldn’t know. I have never been there. But Asians know what’s best. They’ve given us many great things such as sushi and Pokémon and BB cream. So if Koreans or Japanese kids say that something is cool, you better take notice.

Music Monday: Wouter Hamel

Hamel used to make jazzy music but has now slightly shifted to the pop side even though the jazz influences are still there. But pop is good and as Hamel has a really smooth voice so you are bound to dream away when you play his songs.

Music Monday: Wouter Hamel

I have seen him live about three times in the 24 years that I have graced this Earth and he has always been really good live. Last week I saw him in a nice acoustic theatre which meant I had to sit down and pretend to be normal. I think I pulled it off but it did show that Hamel is good both in small theatres and clubs. The fact that he has an amazing band helps as well. I think that he is an underrated artist in the Netherlands and I think that I do your ears a favour by letting you listen to his songs. He has a new album coming out in a few months, but in the meantime you can just listen to his old songs

Also, follow him on twitter @Hamelmusic. He is amazing at making cheese reference jokes. Just saying.

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