Netflix tip: Timberlake and Chill

Netflix tip: Timberlake and Chill

Last week Netflix decided to grace us with a very special treat. They released Justin Timberlake + The Tennessee Kids on the service, which was good news for all of us who enjoy a little bit of Timberlake now and then. The film was the recorded version of JT’s last show for the 20/20 Experience Tour in Vegas.

That other Justin

Now for those of you who haven’t been to the show, this is an absolute must-see. JT could teach a thing or two to other pop stars (*cough* Justin Bieber *cough*) and they have truly captured the spirit of the show. Because for those of us who did get a chance to see the show live, it was an amazing reminder of just how good it was. I couldn’t help but get up from my couch and dance again. Justin Timberlake is an amazing performer and most importantly, Justin and his whole band seem to enjoy the fact that they are on that stage, performing in front of thousands of people and giving them the time of their lives. This is something that many younger popstars lack and something that is essential for career longevity if you ask me.

The first ever concert I went to was a JT gig. This was around the time he had just gone solo and released his album Justified. I was twelve-years old at the time and was super stoked about seeing such a massive popstar live. We had tickets all the way up in the stadium, and I could barely distinguish one dancer from the other, but I had an amazing time. As JT isn’t an artist who poops out an album every other month, but sometimes only once every 4 to 6 years, it took a while before I saw his show again. I ended up seeing him during the Futuresex/LoveSound Tour and more recently, the 20/20 Experience tour.

Dancing your socks off

While the Netflix show doesn’t show the entire gig, it showed enough for me to once again be amazed by the stage production, the fantastic musicians and dancers and of course Mr. JT himself who sings live and oh boy does he do that well. I recalled what it was like standing in the arena and dancing to SexyBack and Let the Groove Get In.

I remembered what it was like to listen to the powerful performances of ballads and not to mention, the chills that ran down my spine during Mirrors, when the whole audience sang along. That was an incredible moment and despite the Netflix version not being filmed at the show where I went to, it still felt the same. I think that’s a great accomplishment for concert footage because I almost never feel this way about concert films. I’m either there or not and I am not interested in watching footage of a show I did not go to. But this time it was different, which I loved.

I think despite the fact that there is a lot of competition out there, JT will remain top of the bill. He showed it this Summer when he released Can’t Stop The Feeling and it became a massive hit. I honestly do hope that he will release a new album soon and that he will go on tour again. My dancing pants are ready.

Justin Timberlake + The Tennessee is on Netflix now



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