Shawn Mendes - Illuminate review + WIN THE ALBUM

Shawn Mendes – Illuminate review + WIN THE ALBUM

Ah Shawn Mendes. I once played a song of his in class and the twelve-year-old girls instantly started screaming. “SHAWN IS MY BAE!” one of them exclaimed and she had no trouble doing the fill-in-the-gap exercise without even having listened to the song. Shawn is hot right now. I will just forget about the fact that I am six year older than him and that the glorious days of me being so much younger than the new up-and-coming stars is over. That of course does not mean I can’t enjoy their music. I have been singing along to Shawn’s Stitches and more recently Treat you better ever since they were played non-stop on the radio.

I get why Shawn is popular, especially among younger girls. He’s a handsome guy who sings about love and treating a girl better than their current boyfriend. Had I been 15 years old, I would have also fallen in love with him. Especially since he also references Harry Potter in his Twitter bio. Instant cool points!

Chillin’ on a Sunday

Shawn’s vocals remind me of Justin Timberlake and the vibe of his songs scream Ed Sheeran and John Mayer to me. But that’s okay, because the songs do not feel like copies of those artists. The lyrics are mature and well-written and the songs well-produced. This album is not one filled with club-bangers, but it is an ideal album to listen to on a chill Sunday when you just want to hang out with a lover.

I think Shawn’s strength, even more so than the amazing lyrics and vocals, is the fact that he is genuinely a nice guy. The past few years we’ve had to deal with bad boys like Justin Bieber, who might have sang about only loving one girl, but we all know the reality is different. Shawn is the kind of guy even a very protective father would trust with his daughter, A guy who really would treat a girl better.

If you are looking for new music to listen to when you want to relax and just hang out (perhaps even make out?) Shawn Mendes’ Illuminate is definitely an album you should listen to!


Do you want to win the album? We have a few copies to give away! Check out our facebook post in order to win a copy or comment on this post, telling us why you deserve to win the album and why and you might be the lucky winner of a deluxe version of the album. Please make sure you fill in your email address too so we can contact you. Contest is open worldwide



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  1. Daniel Reply

    I discovered Shawn Mendes through my students to. His number was in a youtube playlist and I did like the sound of it. A while later I started playing piano and I searched for fitting songs. Stitches was the 2nd song I learned because it was recognizable. I’d really like to win the cd so I can listen to it in my car and hopefully, one day, I’ll learn to play more of his music.

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