The Prismatic World Tour Live dvd

The Prismatic World Tour Live dvd

Do you remember that moment when you were at your favourite show? If you were lucky, you were at the front, close to where all the action was going down. You just survived the support act, which was okay if you are lucky, but now you want the moment you’ve been waiting for to finally arrive. You have been counting down for six months already and you are just mere minutes away from your favourite artist on that stage.

The lights go out, the excitement rises, the opening notes of the first song blast through the arena and you can’t help but have a huge smile on your face. You sing along at the top of your lungs for the next 2-hours, because those two hours mean that you don’t have to worry about anything.

After the two hours are over, you return home with the memories but a post-gig depression. And you wonder…how can I relive this moment again?

Fans of Katy Perry don’t have to worry. Katy recently released the Prismatic World Tour on DVD and Blu-Ray and it is now available worldwide. Even if you haven’t attended the PWT, it is worth watching this as it is a show like no other. Wherever you look, you keep discovering new things. You can sing along to songs you know so well and basically be blown-away by the massive production. Fans who have attended the tour can relive their favourite moments, plus more as the dvd contains 30 minutes of extra footage.

I personally very much enjoyed watching the show again and remembering what it was like to be there, in the reflection section, dancing and singing along with friends. Of course, a dvd is never the same as the real thing, but it definitely helps to get back into the mood and dance the night away again.

The Prismatic World Tour Live is available for about $15 dollars and 20 euros and 13 pounds.




Article written by Ingrid

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