Music Monday: The Process of Becoming a Fan

Music Monday: The Process of Becoming a Fan

There’s this song on the radio that you really like. You’ve heard it a couple of times already, but it isn’t until now that you actually wonder who the artist is. So you go home and go on the internet and find the artist. You like the way they look and extend your search to YouTube and find yourself spending hours watching interviews and videos of that artist. You are slowly falling in love and find that you talk about the artist as though he or she is an actual person you know.

I don’t think you choose to become a fan of an artist. I think it is something that grows and then you find yourself into deep and there is no way for you to go back again. Because yes, being a fan can be incredibly rewarding. You enjoy the music and visit new places and make great friends. But there are also downsides. There is jealousy, there will be people who hate your guts and prepare for a lot of drama. That is also the fandom world for you. And although I am not as involved in the whole fan scene at the moment, I don’t regret ever having been a part of it. It has brought me many of the good things and many of the bad but I shall never forget the experiences I’ve had in my fanatic years.

Funny and cool

There are two artists I really consider myself a fan of. The first artist I discovered when I was just 15 years old. I was on my couch, reading a book, when a television show was on and they played a small part of the video. I was instantly intrigued by the song, put my book away and paid full attention to the show now. The artist turned out to be incredibly funny and cool and I identified myself with him. At the time I got bullied a lot and he basically defied all the bullies and that appealed to me. I wished that I was so brave. After the show had ended, I went upstairs and looked up more songs or news about this artist. I googled, but there were only three pictures available.

I did find a fanclub, although it took me two months to be brave enough to join it. It was a good choice. I got sucked into the fandom and made many friends which came in handy when I was old enough to travel to gigs by myself and needed people to hang out with. In the beginning, it felt like it was one big family, even though there were enough fights. It didn’t take long for the artist to become more popular, and I remember seeing him for the first time.

It felt as though I was watching a large YouTube video. I couldn’t believe it was real! It was also the moment my concert addiction kicked in. I guess that moment was the moment I realised for the first time how important music was to me. And I was proud to be a fan. At school they would laugh at me for wearing shirts with the name of the artist on it, but I didn’t care. They had no idea what they were missing.

Biggest popstar of the planet

I discovered the second artist through the first. It was 2008 and she had just released a single that was popular on Myspace (yes, it’s that long ago). She did an interview in which she mentioned my first favourite artist, so I went over to Myspace and I listened to her songs. I fell in love with them. Coincidentally, someone on the fanclub of the other artist had started a forum for this artist and I became a member and later on a moderator. I sent the artist some messages via Myspace and she replied!

I was insanely happy, remember, I was a 16-year old by then. She released another single which became a massive hit and I managed to see her live once in those early days. I didn’t get to meet her, unlike many of the other fans, but I knew it would happen eventually. I then met her for the first time in 2011, 3 years later, and it felt great! She is one of the biggest popstars on the planet right now and I am still a moderator on her forum.

I’m proud that I was there at the beginning of these artists’ careers and that I managed to watch them grow and support them. I have seen many cities I wouldn’t have seen otherwise and I danced and sung on stage in front of thousands of people as well. I still go see their shows as often as I can and I’m still in touch with the friends I’ve made through their shows and fanclubs.

Now tell me, how did you become a fan of your favourite artist? And do you enjoy the fan life? Let me know in the comments!





Article written by Ingrid

Ingrid is the twenty-something owner of The Sassologist, who loves everything that has to do with pop culture. While she is one of many who is in the process of writing a novel, she is also currently in denial over not being a witch. Her Hogwarts letter has yet to arrive. In the meantime she writes about pop culture and dreams about unicorns.

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  1. Silverman Reply

    Hello again to the sassologist!!! my favorite blog!! (honestly, it is my favorite)

    Oooh the road (or process) of becoming a fan! what a great topic, one that I partiularly love, I’m a fan of one of the greatest (THE greatest for me) pop artists out there (Katy Perry), and it was so cool the process of how it happened, and i want to share it with all of your readers, so here i go (it’s actually not a loong story teheehee):

    It was 2011 (yep, i became a fan in 2011!!), and i was getting ready to go to work, i didn’t know how to drive back in those days, so one of my best friends always picked me up in the morning and dropped me off at work (he was studying the master in economics, and the school was basically next to my job and he lived near me hehe), we were always listening to the radio in the morning, and one day a song came up, back then i didn’t know who it was, but i loved the song, i remember this talk we had while listening to the song:
    me: that song is cool, i like it, who is it? do you know?
    friend: i dunno, but yeah it’s cool, who could it be?
    me: tatu maybe? sounds like them, kinda… (oooh silly me, hahaha but yeah i said that….)
    friend: mm, could be… yeah yeah, it sound like them, i think it’s them!!
    me: nice!
    we kept listening to the song, and then the radio presenter didn’t said the name of the song neither the artist lol (don’t worry, i’ll tell you which song it was, wait for it…) so i got to work and started my day, after a few hours a coworker who was next to me started singing with his headphones on:
    “kiss me, k-k-kiss me….” “take me t-t-take me…”
    and i thought “that’s the song i was listening on the car!!!” (yes, E.T. by Katy Perry)
    and i asked him which song it was, he said “it’s ET by katy perry, it’s a cool song” i agreed, the day went by and i went home after work, and looked on youtube for the video of E.T. by katy perry….
    WOOOOOOOOOOOOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVED IT!!!!!!! (after a few years i even wrote an article for idolator about why ET by katy perry is freaking awesomely epic! hehe), so i started looking at more videos and songs by katy perry that very moment and every song i listened to, was a song i loved, then i listened to “Hot ‘n Cold” and remembered i heard that song when i was studying the master and liked it, but never found out who was the singer and the song got lost, and i was like “omg, i love this artist!!! how i wish she would come to mexico!!!!” then again silly me!! because she was already on world tour with her California Dreams Tour and the 3 mexico shows were already sold out and i didn’t even have idea by that time!, so i started investigating and realized what i just said and started to looking for resellers of tickets to buy a ticket for the show, after a few weeks i had 1 seller with 1 pit ticket for 600usd (lol i know but i wanted to see katy so bad, i was still just a fan by then, not a katycat yet) then, BAM!! something awesome happened, i was at home after a long day at work, and in the news they said that the ARENA MONTERREY were about to release 500 more tickets for katy perry’s show on the next day, i was so excited!! i were gonna be able to pay a fair price for my ticket after all!, the next day i got to work, opened my laptop, started looking for tickets and the 500 extra tickets were sold out, BUMMER!!! 🙁 so i contacted the reseller again and we agreed to meet the following week, the days went by, and everyday i checked the arena monterrey site to see if by any luck they released more tickets, but i couldn’t even enter to the event because it had a marquee saying “soldout” across the name of the event, so i wasn’t even able to click on it, so the day of meeting with the reseller finally came up, and just before lunch (lunch time was the time we were meeting at a mall) I checked the site again and….. the “soldout” marquee wasn’t there, so i clicked on the event, select 1 seat, best seat, and BAM!!! 1 PLATINUM SEAT!!! 100 BUCKS! basically front row, not pit, but the best area after pit, i asked my boss for her CC to buy the ticket, I entered all the data clicked on buy and… error… WHAT?!?!?! i did it again… error… holy cow!! i started panicking and called to the arena, and asked for a ticket for the event, the girl on the phone said, “lemme check… umm… wait a se-cond… um…”, I was sweating and hyperventilating, my boss was next to me so nervous, infected by my nervousness lol, then the girl said:
    girl: “aw i’m sorry…”
    me: *thoughts* eff…. no way… */thoughts*
    girl: we only have 1 ticket, i’m sorry, it’s only one, and it seems it’s the last one…
    me: *why is she sorry?!?!?!* SELL IT TO ME!!!
    girl: … only 1?…
    me: yes!!! please, omg!!! yess!
    she did all the process and sold me the ticket, THE VERY LAST TICKET OF THE WHOLE ARENA, YES I GOT IT! (it was meant to be right? hehehe)
    i was so excited and called the reseller and cancelled the meeting…
    the days passed and i listened to katy more and more everyday waiting for her concert, until the day finally came…
    i got to the show after work, i was wearing a suit lol, how funny now that i picture me, alone in a katy perry show, wearing a suit, like a lot of ppl must’ve thought “where is his daughter?” haha anywho, the show was superb, never in my life i saw anything like that, the interactionw ith the public, the colors, the songs, the production, the intensity, the feelings, the performance, the art, the way she was singin, giving it all, i was mesmerized the whole concert, living the life, being happy, feeling truly happy, feeling plenty, there wasn’t anything else in that moment, it was she, us, and her music, no need of anything else for that pure epic happiness feeling!, the concert ended and as i was leaving the arena, still mesmerized by what just had experienced i thought “i must live this again, I MUST LIVE THIS AGAIN!!!”
    and as i have always said, i entered that concert as a fan, and left as a katycat, i called a friend who worked on a travel agency and asked him to book me a flight to LA (i knew this because as i said before, i started investigating about her tour when i started wanting her to come to mexico lol), an accomodation at a hotel, and a PIT Ticket for katy perry’s last concert of the CDT, he told me “man it’s 12am, i will do it tomorrow ok?” i realized i was just leaving a concert and it was almost midnight lol, so i agreed”, the next day he called me in the morning with all the things i asked and the budget, i agreed and booked my flight to chicago, i started using twitter more after that and knowing more ppl that were also like me, i ended up attending to the two last shows of the CDT in LA, the one recorded for the KP3D movie (i appear on it hehehe) and the one that was free, i got 3 tickets for that show and gave 2 to two katycats i met in LA that day =)
    the rest is hsitory…
    hehehe so yeah, basically that was the process of how i became a fan, after the first show i attended to in mexico i started to know more about the fanbase, the katycats and the KPF around the world and started traveling more and meeting ppl and making friends from all over the world, so being a fan of katy perry has been such a great experience so far, it let me visit places i wouldn’t have visited yet, knowing so many amazing people that i’m glad i can now call friends, and in one way or another it has made me smile countless time, laugh incredibly hard and cry of happiness in so many moments, memories i wouldn’t change for anything! that’s why i always try to spread happiness, kindess and give back to the ppl and to her when possible a little bit of all the happiness she has bruoght to my life!!!!

    I love your blog, Sassologist!! keep it up!!

    with so much love



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