Troye Sivan - WILD review + giveaway

Troye Sivan – WILD review + giveaway

I admit, I didn’t really know much about Troye Sivan when I received his EP WILD to review. I knew he was a Youtuber, but I am not really into the Youtube community so that was all I knew so far. Which is good, because knowing too much about an artist can cloud your judgement. And now I was just going to listen to a fresh new artist I had never heard about before. Brilliant.

WILD was released in anticipation of Troye’s first full-length album Blue Neighbourhood, which will be released in December 2015. The research I have done also told me that Troye has a very loyal fanbase, which, in combination with really good music can be a great recipe for a potential new popstar.

But what does the EP sound like? I have reviewed it for you and at the end of the article, you will find out how you can win a copy of the EP.

EP with a story

The EP actually has a story, which is very rare for contemporary pop music. The EP tells the story of falling in love, being in love and eventually the break up. I liked this concept, because it meant that it wasn’t just an EP filled with good pop songs intended to just be a single. I am a sucker for stories, especially good stories, so Troye scored some major points there. Three of the songs have accompanying videos and these videos are also not stand-alone clips but they visualise the story as a trilogy, only not as long-winded as the Lord of The Rings was.

Troye Sivan – Wild

Wild is the first song on the EP and the first video in the trilogy. It starts with a choir of kids singing. I was surprised when Troye started singing, as his voice is very pure and carries the song well. The lyrics perfectly describe what it is like to be in the first stages of love; when the person you adore is all you care about and is the most beautiful human being you have ever laid your eyes on. He perfectly manages to express that desire. The video shows how the love came to be and I would like to point out that I find it incredibly refreshing to see that Troye, who happens to be gay, does not pretend to be straight to appeal to the masses.

Troye Sivan – Fools

Fools is the third song on the EP, but the second one in the trilogy so I want to discuss that first. It is probably my favourite song on the entire EP. The start of the song has a very Lana Del Rey’ish vibe. From the piano beginning to the insanely catchy chorus. The song describes that doubt that anyone who has been in love knows well. How a lover does not treat you the way you should be treated and you wonder why you fell for him/her in the first place. This is a great song.

The following song is not on the EP yet, but I wanted to include it because this trilogy is very well done.

Other songs on the EP

On to the other songs on the EP.

Bite is a heavily auto-tuned song talking about that passion of lovers. It sounds a bit mysterious and all over the place, but not in a bad way. It takes some time getting used to, but that is very refreshing to me.

Ease is a drum-heavy song featuring Georgie Notts from the band Broods. It is more up-tempo than most of the songs on the album.

The Quiet is more like Bite, only more laid back. Troye does not use any vocal acrobatics in his songs, which he doesn’t need. His voice sounds very dreamy on this track, especially accompanied by the music.

DKLA features Tkay Maidza. It starts with what sounds like rain or a shower. It is once again a slightly auto-tuned song with a mysterious touch. The rap break is a nice addition to the song.

Troye’s EP is great when you want to listen to music with great lyrics and beats that make it perfect for when you are just want to listen and get lost inside the music. I am very curious about his full-lenght album coming out soon.

Do you want to win WILD?

Universal Music has given me three copies of the EP to give away. Do you want to win one of them? It’s very simple. Just comment on this article and let me know that you want it and preferably also why. I will pick the winners on Friday the 13th of November (no bad luck included). Make sure that you also fill in your email-address (not visible for other visitors) so that I can contact you when you are the winner. I would also appreciate, but this is not mandatory, if you’d follow me on Twitter and if you’d like The Sassologist on Facebook.



Article written by Ingrid

Ingrid is the twenty-something owner of The Sassologist, who loves everything that has to do with pop culture. While she is one of many who is in the process of writing a novel, she is also currently in denial over not being a witch. Her Hogwarts letter has yet to arrive. In the meantime she writes about pop culture and dreams about unicorns.

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  1. Bo Reply

    I would love a copy of WILD!! This EP has changed my life – Troye has opened a whole new door to queer pop in the music industry, and he has allowed me to find that much more comfort in music by knowing that someone like me has made it.

  2. Kelsey Reply

    Ahhh really happy you enjoyed it:~)

  3. Alina Reply

    HEYYY so I really would like to win one and I have been a fan of troye for sooo long now and I recently wanted to go to one of his concerts but the tickets sold out too fast and when I finally found someone selling them it was too late 🙁 I really want the physical copy of all his cds so this would be the start to my collection! He really means so much to me and this would just make it that much better ?

  4. Elizabeth Schwartz Reply

    I’d like to win a copy of the Wild EP because I’ve been a fan of Troye’s for a while now and I love him so much. But unfortunately I’m a broke student in college and not able to buy new music anytime soon, so winning a copy of this great music would mean the world.

  5. Ursula Lopez Reply

    I would like to win WILD because my friends birthday was sometime last month and I promised her I would get her the EP but I didn’t have the money. So I would really appreciate it if I won one of them ??

  6. Jessica Morales Reply

    Im such a big fan of Troye and i would love to have a physical copy of the album.

  7. Marion Lagustan Reply

    I want to win a copy of wild because I love Troye so much and Wild is not available in the Philippines. ?

  8. Marion Lagustan Reply

    And my birthday is on November 12 ?

  9. Enola Reply

    I’d love to win because Troye is just amazing and I love him to pieces, Troye is the best!

  10. Lola M Reply

    I want to win a copy of Wild because I’ve only been able to listen to it on YouTube. Troyes voice is so amazing I can picture myself sitting in the car hours after I’m home just getting lost in his music. He means a lot to me and i would love to show my support to him by having a hard copy of his album.

  11. Patience Reply

    I want one of the copies because I love troye but unfortunately was unable to attend his show in Chicago, which is about an hour from where I live. I was going to buy a copy of the EP there, but couldn’t, and I don’t really have the money anyway, so it would be WONDERFUL to win one of these

  12. Martina Reply

    Well, what should I say, Troye is really really special to me. He’s so young but yet he showed me that anybody, independently of their age, can be strong enough to show their message to the world. Troye surely did and it reached me well.
    I’d really like to win his EP since, unfortunately, I don’t own a credit card or anything and here in Italy you can’t find his CDs in proper shops.

  13. Martina Reply

    Oh oh I messed up with my email address! This is the correct one :'(

  14. jack davies Reply

    im in highschool at the moment, saving up for important things like houses, cars, rent etc and i simply can not afford to spoil myself!
    troye means so much to me and has helped me through everything in my life! things like friends, fsmilies but most importantly, accepting the fact im gay, and telling loved ones that! he means the world to me, and i could go on for pages and pages but ill keep it nice and simple.
    thankyou for reading <3

    • Lisa-Sophie Reply

      I really want to win a copy,because I really love Troye and Wild.I listen to Wild every day ?(I want a blue heart ,but I don’t habe one ).?????????and sorry for my english I am german

  15. Aaron H Reply

    It would be beyond amazing to receive a copy of Wild, I just got to go to Troye’s VEVO Lift session last night, and do the meet and greet. Troye is just one of the nicest and most amazing, genuine artist that there is. Not to mention he is a huge inspiration to the gay community. It would be so awesome to have his album after last night!

  16. Isaiah J. Bill Reply

    I would love a copy of WILD because it is such a wonderful EP that touched me when I heard it. I would love to have a physical copy so I can play it in the car and on my CD player.

  17. Cassy Reply

    I would absolutely love to had a copy of WILD. this ep is one of my favorites I’ve ever listen to. all the songs make sense, he voice is prefect and this ep has change my life. there hasn’t been a day where I haven’t sang a song on his ep. I really hope to win thanks :)))

    • Madhusmita Reply

      Nice review BTW.
      I’m an ordinary human who loves music(though I’m very choosy about it).I was never into social networking sites.But ’cause of Troye Sivan I recently joined twitter,snapchat and instagram just to follow him.TBH non of the artists drove me that wild to join social media sites.But this guy definitely has something in him.Great potential indeed.I definitly want to have his EP, BC he has inspired me and made me fall hard for him.I’m so very proud of him and would like to have the EP as a memory (as I know I can never see him or visit him or go to his concerts for some issues).

  18. Roosa Mähönen Reply

    This review was really good! It was well argumented and well written.
    I would really like the ep because i live in Finland and have very low chances to ever meet Troye and even though the ep doesn’t cost that much, the shipping here is expensive and i don’t have that much money i can spend. Getting the ep would mean very much to me cause i’ve been a fan of troye about 3 years now but i’ve never gotten any of his merch because i never could afford it.

  19. Dámaris Urq. Reply

    I would to have a copy of WILD because even though I have it on digital version, I’ll love to have it in physical. This album was totally changing for me because it not only helped me with my love life, but it also helped me advice some of my friends. Besides, I totally love Troye and how he’s a cutie and so humble and just lovely. He’s one of the kindest, purest, and funniest person I know, and I just simply devoted to him <3

  20. Mikaela Gordon Reply

    I would love to win because Troye has been such an inspiration for me and has helped me through many bad times in my life in the past couple years. I am so proud at how far he has come and I want to wish him the best in the future.

  21. Sarah Reply

    I would really love to win a copy because Troye is my idol. He has helped so many people and now he still doing that by making music.

  22. Mya Reply

    Hi! Just wanted to say that this is a great article! Amazingly written and describes Troyes music perfectly. I am a huge fan of Troye. I think he is a truly amazing artist with such originality and I absolutely love him. A physical copy of wild would mean the world to me as I was meant to go to his live concert but the tickets sold out too fast! ??✨

  23. Bryan Reply

    I absolutely love wild. Fools is my fave song in it. Troye is such a talented singer, and a funny you tuber. If I got a copy of wild that would be the best moment in my life.

  24. Celia Reply

    I would like a copy of Troye’s EP because he is such a talented young artist. He inspired me to be my self and that being you is ok, and you don’t have to pretend to be someone else. I love Troye and his music so much. I don’t have a copy of WILD but I preordered Blue Neighbourhood. Troye is also selfless and he cares for his fans and never gives up. He’s kind, funny, and lovable.

  25. Zoella Reply

    This review is sooo cool and amazing. 🙂 I would love it if I win the EP. Troye is an amazing person i love him so much. He’s an inspiration to me and his music is one of the best I’ve heard. For this EP, my favourite song would be Fools although all the songs are really great. Anyways, I’m really proud of him and I’m not just saying all this to win the album. ty

  26. lex Reply

    i havent been able to purchase wild because we are currently in the process of moving & tight on money right now so my mom has been putting every penny towards that

  27. seth m Reply

    My sister has been asking my mom for this EP since it came out and I thought giving winning it a shot couldn’t hurt. I put her email instead of mine so if she wins she will be the one hearing about it.

  28. Flavia Reply

    I would really love to win the EP, really!!
    I’m not good with words and explain what I feel, and this is at all the reason why I don’t write anything. I use to send people lyrics of songs or entire albums or say something like “please listen at this artist, he/she (also them, for bands) sounds great and totally explain what I feel for you” and so, this is also the reason I’m here right know trying to write something (not in my language)that can explain how much is important to me Troye Sivan and so his EP.
    You know, I use to know Troye as a youtuber and I always thought that he was really nice and funny, so I used to watch his videos when I had free time and stuff like that.
    Then, I found out his first single, Happy little pill and damn, it’s like.. I fall in love? Really, I loved the sound at the first listening and still right now it gives me the same emotions.
    But right now I don’t think is appropriate or useful telling you all the biography of Troye, it’s not so important.
    At the end of the story, it’s just something like I really love his music and gives me so many emotions and let me be able to tell people so many things with his lyrics and olso he makes me feel so much better with his music that I think that I would really love to have his EP and just put it on my stereo and listen it all the time, everytime I need.
    Moreover because in my country, apparently, is like impossible to find out this EP, so I had to buy it on iTunes, but, you know, it isn’t at all the same thing. I always prefer to have real CD in my hands. It’s complitely another kind of emotion.
    So, I really hope I didn’t make too much mistakes with grammar and stuff.
    (Also sorry for the long text….)
    PS. Fools is also my favourite song.Truly love the lyrics and how at all he seems to be angry with his lovers, but then fucks up everything and choose him again, just because love is love. I don’t know if this has sense, but yeah, I think, it’s something like I imagine the song before I saw the video and the little story that has a really big meaning.

  29. Eliza Reply

    I have loved Troye for a long time now and he continues to inspire me everyday. When he brought out his new EP, WILD, I was excited to see a rising artist actually have meaning behind the great music that he produces. He has put so much effort into this EP and I would love to have a physical copy to play with the windows down in the car (just like he likes it). Unfortunately I couldn’t attend his concert as Australia is a very big place and he only chose two locations to perform being Perth (43 hours away) and Sydney (10 hours away). It would mean the world to me to receive WILD in a physical copy!

  30. Luke Reply

    I discovered Troye recently on YouTube. After watching most of his videos, I became inspired. He says to all of his fans to be who you are and to not care about what everyone else thinks. I really look up to him for advice as he is great role model for anyone. I love the fact that he stays true to his fans even as he gets more famous by the day. Since discovering him, I have found who I am and who I want to be in the future. I love the fact that he writes about the truth and doesn’t fake it so appeal to more people. I would love to get a copy of WILD because he is my inspiration in life.

  31. Beth Cowley Reply

    I really love Troye as an artist, but I don’t want the EP for me.
    I would really like a copy of WILD so that I can give it to my little brother. He is 11 and so in love with Troye’s music. Whenever we are in the car he’s like play Troye play Troye but we cant because unfortunately its been hard to find a copy of WILD where we live. Also he doesn’t own an iPod or a phone so he can only listen to Troye when I am at home which isnt that often.
    A copy of WILD would mean the world to him and hopefully I can make that wish come true.

  32. Victor Gorospe Reply

    Hello, this review is beautiful! My favorite title song is Fools too but my favorite favorite song is Ease. And I really really really really want this album because I love every songs in it and adore Troye Sivan so so much. I know I’m just making excuses but it’s hard to get a copy in my country because it’s not available here. I just discovered Troye Sivan months ago but he made a big impact in my life, I listen to his songs and I feel better when I’m sad and blue. If i ever win and get a copy it would the world to me and that would me very happy.

  33. Georgie Reply

    I would absolutely love to win a copy of Wild as Troye is pretty much my main focus in life at the moment. I already know every lyric to every song on the EP but I would LOVE to have a physical version.
    Also, unrelated but I loved this article I always love seeing what people who have never even heard of Troye, think of his music.

  34. Angelica Reply

    It would be absolutely amazing for me to win a copy of WILD. The reason why I would love a copy is because I’ve adored and loved Troye ever since he’s made videos on YouTube. He’s been such an inspiration to me especially because his music (mainly WILD) helped me get through the hard times in life, and he’s the only artist I’ve ever looked upon to. Troye is such an amazing person inside and out, and I would be so happy if I got a chance to have his EP in my hands, and to share the music on WILD with all of my friends.

  35. Elizabeth Reply

    I would really love to win a copy of Troye’s album (WILD) because I’ve been a fan since 2011 and I really wanted to buy WILD but my parents are/were struggling about paying bills and now I feel like I shouldn’t bother them about it so if I win this I can finally have his album and that would be so amazing to me and it would make me smile so much. 🙂

  36. Natalie Tiong Reply

    I’m really hope that I can win WILD album within the 3 copy album baxause I really love Troye’s voice and his songs just say every word that I wanna say . I really hope I can keep his album forever to remember the name TROYE SIVAN . He’s a awesome person , young LGBT that I respect a lot . He helps me open out my shame of being a young LGBT . I really really want his album so badly that I don’t care what I do , I will do it till I get that album .

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