Why we'll never get new musical legends

Music Monday: Why we’ll never get new musical legends

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you can’t have missed the gruesome fact that Prince, an amazing artist and music legend, passed away. This is not the first time this year. Most notably we’ve lost David Bowie as well, among several other musicians who have contributed great things to music. But Prince and Bowie, they were legends. And while we have the beautiful saying that Legends Never Die, it surely seems that they do. Of course, they will be remembered through their art and through their music. But with every legend that passes away, I guess we lose a bit of our identity as it shows us that even those great artists we look up to are mortal.

And some people think it is strange that nobody really spoke about Prince or Bowie before their deaths. Or look at Michael Jackson. He was ridiculed before his death, as was Elvis years ago. But when they died, people remembered special moments they experienced which can be connected to the songs of these artists. And their deaths reminds us of those moments and it saddens us that an era is gone. At least, that’s what I think happens.

The great ones

Thing is, I don’t think there will ever be artists like Bowie, like Freddie Mercury or Michael Jackson and Prince. These people have influenced music in a way that no contemporary artist has done so far. We live in a fast society. People become stars overnight thanks to talent shows. We idolise them. But one misstep, one song or album that is not a hit, and we tend to forget them. Look at someone like Esmee Denters. She was discovered on Youtube, was promised the world and even appeared on Oprah. Her song Get Me Out Of Here was a hit. But then she did not continue to sell as well as she used to, and she fell off the pedestal into a Froyo shop in London.

Perhaps it is an extreme example as yes, there will be contemporary artist who will stand the test of time. I think someone like Beyoncé will be remembered. There will be more artists who will be remembered. But no artist alive now will have an impact on so many generations, old and new like they did. I don’t think that there are many artists who will inspire new generations of musicians the way they did. And while their music keeps existing in our world, while we will have the memories, these deaths teach us that nothing lasts forever.

But I am pretty sure that there’s a good festival going on up there in Heaven.



Article written by Ingrid

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