Look of the day: Diva

Look of the Day: Diva (red lipstick)

I wanted to share the look of the day with you today. I don’t often wear red lips because most reds do not suit my pale skin. However, this lipstick by MAC is my favourite. It is matte, it is red and gorgeous. Click read more to see the whole diva look.


Valar Morghulis - The Game of Thrones Exhibition

Valar Morghulis – The Game of Thrones Exhibition

About a month ago, I read on the HBO NL Facebook page that the Game of Thrones Exhibition would come to Amsterdam and that you could get tickets to visit it. Back in the day, when Game of Thrones just started, I did not watch it yet. It wasn’t until season 4 was almost around the corner that I started watching the show and I fell in love *Jon Snow swoon*. I watched the first three seasons in two weeks time and now I even have a weekly Game of Thrones night on Mondays. Reason enough to gather the troops and hop on a horse, err, train to Amsterdam. After securing tickets, we swore oaths to a house (Targaryan for the win!) and off we went.