2017 was a good year for gamers!

This was certainly a great year for gaming. We had some amazing releases with Mass Effect: Andromeda, Assassins Creed Origins and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. However, while I was browsing some of my favorite streamers, some other gems caught my eye and I was intrigued enough to buy them. This is also where the Black Friday was very kind to my wallet.

So as said, some of the games I greatly enjoyed in 2017:

Night In The Woods

2017 was a good year for gamers! Night in the Woods

Love anthropomorphic animals? Love indie games? Great storytelling, game design and music? Well, Night in the Woods certainly doesn’t disappoint.

When I first saw someone playing this game, I wasn’t quite sure where it was going. Was it an adventure? Was it aimed for children? Or was it a horror disguised as something cute? In the end I just found it an incredible game when it came to storytelling.

You are Mae, a cat/human. You have dropped out of college, only to return to your family in a quiet, little town. This side scrolling adventure takes you on exploration of its unique world filled with mini games and interesting conversations with the other people in town. It’s a tale of modern young adulthood, set in a world that is irresistibly charming with an quirky soundtrack. It might not be the action packed shooter you normally get into, but it is a unique experience.

Dream Daddy: a dating sim with dads

2017 was a good year for gamers! Dream Daddy

This dating sim is a visual novel in which you play as a dad who is trying to romance other dads in the town he lives in . Now don’t think that just because you aren’t the type to date dads, this game isn’t for you. Dream Daddy is filled with a lot of humor and is a great story about a father who is trying to raise his young daughter all by himself.

I was happy to see a game where diversity is being embraced without it feeling fake or pushed into your face all the time. Yes, it’s a dating sim, but it also dives into fatherhood and all the ups and downs of it. So even if dads aren’t the thing for you, you could still relate to this dating sim on different levels.

Ps. Robert is the best choice, obviously.

Destiny 2

2017 was a good year for gamers! Destiny 2

I was nervous about this one. It was another title that seemed really hyped by the media. I played the first Destiny and even though I enjoyed it, I had to play it on PlayStation 4 and I am the worst shot with a controller. So I got a little bit excited when I heard this was going to be available on PC. Now with Destiny 1 there were a lot of hidden costs when it came to expansions. Something the community has been worried about with the release of Destiny 2.

I have to admit that I’m still on the fence about this. The game is visually gorgeous and yes, shooting with a mouse and keyboard makes it more enjoyable for me. However, the first expansions have already been released and announced and yes, you will have to pay extra for those. Again, I don’t know how I feel about it and if I will get these to see more of the game. If you are happy just to potter around for a bit while completing some of the main story and shooting enemies in the face, then this is not a bad game at all. We shall see what more 2018 will bring for this game.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

2017 was a good year for gamers! Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice

Another game that got a lot of praise from the media. This time for the dark atmosphere and interesting combat. The story for Hellblade is interesting. You play Senua, a female warrior who must find her way through Helheim by defeating creatures from hell and facing many challenges; so she can rescue the soul of her dead lover Dillion, from the goddess Hela. Now that name might sound familiar to those who have watched the latest Thor movie. It will be no surprise to hear that this game contains a lot of Norse and Celtic mythology.

However, this game is much more then just Senua’s battle through Helheim. It also acts as a metaphor for Senua’s struggle with psychosis, putting the game in a different perspective at times. The game is simply beautiful, not to mention how impressive the cut scenes are due to the developers combining performance capture and live action performances by hired actors. If you haven’t picked up this game yet, keep an eye out for any winter sales and gift it to yourself.


2017 was a good year for gamers! Cuphead

We all remember the old games that always seemed harder than the games we play nowadays. I recall many games on the Atari that never made sense and I wasn’t quite sure what to do; which is impressive for a device with only one button on the controller. Cuphead takes you right back to ‘when games where proper hard’. You are Cuphead and you run around in the world collecting soul contracts to make sure Satan won’t be collecting your soul. The whole game feels as if you are placed within an old fashioned Betty Boop or steamboat Willy cartoon. It all looks very cute, but again, this game is deceptively difficult. Want to play it with a friend? Not a problem, Mughead can join his brother Cuphead on the adventure.

Friday the 13th: the Game

2017 was a good year for gamers! Friday the 13th the Game

If you know nothing about the Friday the 13th movies, I urge you to read this article: Horrortober: Friday the 13th Series Review

Now that you are up to date about the movie, this game will place you at the center of it. Friday the 13th: The Game places 8 people in one game. One person will take control of Jason Voorhees. The others are counselors trying to get out of Camp Crystal Lake by exploring the buildings and finding the items they need to fulfill the objective to win (and escape). Team work is a must in this game for the counselors, but I have seen many Let’s play videos where a group of friends have a lot of fun while one of their own is merrily murdering them all as Jason. Ow and let’s not forget to mention you can also become Tommy Jarvis.

I’m not going to say that this game is flawless. I have heard many complaints from people who are grouped with strangers who will play the game really selfishly and try to ruin other people’s fun. However, much like other co op games, I feel that playing this with a group of friends or finding a group of friendly players makes the game 10 times better.

Good year for gamers

Like I said at the beginning of this article, there are many more great games that have been released this year. But if you do have to put something on that Christmas list, perhaps these games will be a good choice for you. Now lets hope that 2018 will bring more fantastic games!



Article written by Sil

Sil proudly brands herself as a gamer. She has played far too many mmo's and loves to stream her gaming adventures on Twitch under the name McMonkeyzz, while accompanied by her best gaming buddy, Rosie the little, black cat. She also has a weakness for rugged men with a sense of humour like her boyfriend, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Thor and Deadpool. Ow and she draws stuff.

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