Imara the Rhodesian Ridgeback

Imara the Rhodesian Ridgeback

Last week, a new member was added to our household. A child? Nope. But a baby nonetheless. We picked up our Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy named Imara. We had been on the waiting list for over 10 months and finally last week was the moment when we could take her home, ready to start our adventures together.

The lover and I wanted to get a dog. At this point, we did not have Misha the boomer yet, but as I can’t live without a dog in my life, I figured now was the time to start looking around. We did a lot of research and eventually we both settled on the Rhodesian Ridgeback. Not only because they are majestic and beautiful dogs to see, but also the personality traits appealed to us. Strong, independent and loyal. They are active dogs which is great because we like to be active, but they can also be lazy when at home. Because I knew this was going to be a big powerful dog, I wanted to make sure that I would buy one that was both healthy and more open personality wise, and thus I set out to find the right breeder.

Rhodesian Ridgeback club match

I emailed our breeder and explained who we were and what we were looking for and got a very nice email in return. We met up at the Rhodesian Ridgeback club match where we could see the breed up close and meet the parents. We were immediately sold. The parents were friendly and stable and also appealed to us aesthetically. We were put on the waiting list and the countdown could begin.

In February the dogs were mated and it took a while before we found out that there were indeed puppies coming! We didn’t know how many, so that was a surprise but on the 5th of May (liberation day in Holland!) 5 puppies were born and one of the females was going to be ours, yay! The pedigree name had to start with an F, so I came up with the name Faizah Imara. Faizah meaning victorious and Imara meaning Strong.

A few weeks passed and we visited the puppies twice before we picked her up the third time. It was a 6 hour drive back and forth, so we couldn’t afford to come over more often. When picking her up, we got a lot of information and extras for the puppy. And still, whenever I have questions, the breeder is always ready and willing to answer. Which is a good thing, as this is our first Ridgeback.

Do your research!

How has the first week been? Hard, but rewarding. She wakes up early in the morning and it is a challenge to truly housebreak her, but apart from the occassional accidents, she does fine. She is a sweet girl who is very curious and loves to plant her little teeth in everything. Luckily, her and Misha are inseperable which was one of my main concerns.

If you want to adopt a puppy, make sure you do your research. Find a breed that suits you and do not just let looks convince you to get a certain breed or mix. If you do want a breed, find a breeder who you trust and with whom you have a connection. A good breeder will always be willing to help you out and is interested in their puppies even when they moved house. Always make sure the mother is present and that the pups look lively and are playful.

I will probably share more adventures of Imara in the future. But here are some pictures:

Imara the Rhodesian Ridgeback Imara the Rhodesian Ridgeback Imara the Rhodesian Ridgeback Imara the Rhodesian Ridgeback Imara the Rhodesian Ridgeback Imara the Rhodesian Ridgeback Imara the Rhodesian Ridgeback Imara the Rhodesian Ridgeback




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