George Romero RIP tribute

Master of the Living Dead – An ode to George Romero

Yesterday has been an up and down roller coaster for me. It was great because a new Doctor was revealed and I’m looking forward to her first season. It was sad because just before I went to bed I read about the death of George A. Romero at age 77.

For anyone who does not know George Romero, he was the grandfather of modern day zombies in cinema. His trilogy of the dead gave us horror with social commentary.

First, Night of the Living Dead gave us zombies as we now know them. The undertone of the movie is about the 60’s turbulent times. Especially with casting an African-American man in the lead, which was controversial to say the least.

Second came Dawn of the Dead, a zombie movie about survivors trapped in a mall after the events of Night, the undertone here is satire about consumerism.

Third came Day of the Dead, the zombies have almost taken over the world and a few civilians, scientists and military men try to survive in a bunker. The undertone here is the study of the struggle between science and military.

Besides zombies movies, George Romero made a lot of different other movies. Two that I have to mention; Creepshow, an awesome anthology-style movie in cooperation with Stephen King, and The Dark Half, based on a story by Stephen King.

Goodbye Mr. Romero

My personal memory attached to this tribute and why George Romero’s passing made me sad; I remember sitting at my parents place when I was about 15/16 and it was in the middle of the night. As I switched channels and stumbled upon the intro of Dawn of the Dead and I just kept watching. I was amazed by how cool the story was and how graphic the effects were. It made a lasting impression and deepened my connection to horror. I will never forget that title card.

So thank you for all the wonderful and horroriffic stuff you brought us, mr. Romero. You and your movies will always have a special place in my heart.



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