The gifts I received for Christmas

The gifts I received for Christmas

Christmas is basically over. We’ve all been in a food coma. We’ve survived uncle Walter and Aunt Betty and are ready to do it all again with New Year. I am very happy with what I got and I’m also happy that the presents I gave were met with happiness as well. Without further ado, let’s take a look at what I found under the Christmas tree. These are the gifts I received for Christmas.

Neil Gaiman

The gifts I received for Christmas neil gaiman

Everybody who knows me well enough, knows that Neil Gaiman is my favourite writer. I was very happy to find this book underneath the tree as it is not just about Neil’s work, but also about the process of writing some of his most famous novels. I find that incredibly interesting as I am writing a novel myself now. Plus it has awesome illustrations!


The gifts I received for Christmas PJ's

I love cosy PJs and this set also has a sleepmask. I doubt that I will ever use that, but it is cute nonetheless.


The gifts I received for Christmas Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

It’s been a while since I’ve bought a new 3DS game. I asked for either this one or Super Smash bros, but I’m glad I got this one as it has more of a storyline and I’m a sucker for nice stories.

The gifts I received for Christmas Pokémon

Right now I am reliving my Pokemon fan phase and I am fanatically playing the card game online. My boyfriend gave me these two decks to also play in real life because why the hell not?

Harry Potter

The gifts I received for Christmas Harry Potter

This. This is so incredibly beautiful. And very heavy too. But mostly beautiful. It described the entire process of making the Harry Potter films with pictures and illustrations and explanations. I’m secretely in love with it.

The gifts I received for Christmas Harry Potter slippers

These have not left my feet ever since taking this picture. They are incredibly cosy and speak the truth. I am still waiting for my letter. I’m totally not too old to go to Hogwarts.

Beauty & Style

The gifts I received for Christmas lipgloss The gifts I received for Christmas lipgloss

I also got this beautiful necklace with lipgloss hidden inside the pendant. I might want to actually change the necklace but it is really cute and very convenient.

The gifts I received for Christmas watch

I also got this watch, which is amazing. I adore the colour. It is not too big which happens too often with bracelets and watches because my arms are very tiny.

So these are the things I got for Christmas. Now I know that Christmas is not all about getting gifts but I just wanted to share because I truly am grateful for what I received.

Did you receive any gifts for Christmas? And how did you celebrate the holidays?



Article written by Ingrid

Ingrid is the twenty-something owner of The Sassologist, who loves everything that has to do with pop culture. While she is one of many who is in the process of writing a novel, she is also currently in denial over not being a witch. Her Hogwarts letter has yet to arrive. In the meantime she writes about pop culture and dreams about unicorns.

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