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All our book reviews and comic reviews, in alphabetical order by author. From Jason Aaron to Nicola Yoon, this is the complete list of reviews by The Sassologist on everything that has pages. We love to read at The Sassologist so this part of the archives will always grow. And by all means, we are always open for your recommendations and for review copies and/or ARC’s. Contact us for more information.

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Films & TV-Series

All our film reviews and television reviews, in alphabetical order by title. For your viewing pleasure, you can see our entire list of screen-reviews, from 10 Cloverfield Lane to Wonder Woman. Yes, we do need to see something with the letter Z soon. If we’re not reading, we are glued to our screens. Check back regularly for reviews on all of our favorite (and non-favorite) television shows and movies!

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Special Features

Our special features are nicely bundled up by (alphabetical) category here: An Ode To…; Birthdays & Anniversaries; Book Specials; Comic Cons; Fandoms; Film & TV Specials; Guilty Pleasures; Happy Holidays; Hit or Miss; Music Specials; Personal; Popculture Girls Who Rock Our World; Stories; Top 5 / Top 10 Lists; Upcoming; Video’s. These articles have more background information than our standard reviews. We’re always looking for current subjects and newsworthy popculture items to write about.

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➳ All Things Harry Potter

ALL things Harry PotterWe are massive Potterheads here at The Sassologist. That’s why we wrote a lot of articles and reviews about Harry Potter and the Wizarding World. To make things easy for our fellow Potterheads, we’ve bundled up all our articles in one page, sorted into categories like books and films. What house to you belong to? Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin or Hufflepuff?

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➳ All Things Marvel

ALL things Marvel - Our reviews, special features and love

Same as with Harry Potter, we love all things Marvel, from the MCU to the X-Men, from the comics to the tv-series. We wrote a LOT about Marvel and on this page, all of our articles are neatly bundled. Looking for an Infinity War review, or an in depth explanation about Ragnarok? This is the page for you.

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➳ All Things Disney

ALL things Disney

Without a doubt, we also had to make a special page for all the things we wrote about Disney. All our reviews are here, as well as articles about the live action adaptations, trips to Disneyland and all the reasons to love Disney. Who are your favorite Disney princess, Disney sidekick and Disney villain?

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We try to keep our archives as up-to-date as possible. If you wish to view our posts by subject, that’s always possible by clicking a category at the top of the page. Or you can just browse through our latest updates from the homepage. Looking for something specific? The search function is your friend!

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