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Special Features an ode to...




George Romero – Master of the Living Dead

Rick Riordan – Master of Myths


Special Features birthdays and anniversaries




20th Anniversary of Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone

➳ 2016: Popculture Icons We Lost This Year

John Carpenter’s The Thing 35th Birthday

Happy 30th Birthday Predator

Morgan Freeman turned 80!


Special Features book specials




Harry Potter 20th: I got sorted into Ravenclaw

Severus Snape: a Hero or a Bully?

The stories that inspire me

Thread Box Review

Why George R.R. Martin should finish Winds of Winter


Cosplay Special Features




Dutch Comic Con: Cosplay

The Cosplay Experiment – Progress

Video: I want to try Cosplay


Events, Comic Cons and Visits




Alice’s Adventures Underground

Comic Con visit: Dutch X-Mas Con

Dutch Comic Con 2016: an impression

Harry Potter Exhibition

Harry Potter Store

Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour

The Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty’s Theatre

Why People visit Comic Cons


Special Features fandoms




Reasons why we keep loving Disney

The Dark Side of fangirls

The Ultimate Guide to different kinds of fans

Why I love Harry Potter so much

Why it’s okay to be part of a fandom

Why people are part of fandoms

Why people judge fandom Geeks

Why some fans must learn self-control


Special Features film and tv specials




A Dog’s Purpose – Dog Abuse Controversy

All the Bright Places: Finding Finch

Beauty and the Beast: A Case of Stockholm Syndrome?

Doctor Who and the Case of Misogyny

Do we really need so many remakes of famous films

➳ Film Talk: Life
➳ Film Talk: Split

How many remakes do we need?

On the casting of Johnny Depp in Fantastic Beasts

Reactions to Sense8 Cancellation

Which classics should Disney turn into live-action films?

Why Cursed Child should not be made into a movie

Why Disney should stick to the kick-ass heroines

Why is Mean Girls still such a Phenomenon?

Why the original Power Rangers are amazing

Why Wonder Woman is Important


Special Features guilty pleasures




Deep Blue Sea

Disaster Movies

The Phantom of the Opera


Special Features happy holidays




➳ Christmas is Coming: Gifts for Pop-Culture-loving chicks Part 1

➳ Christmas is Coming: Gifts for Pop-Culture-loving chicks Part 2

Merry Christmas from The Sassologist

The Sassologist’s Etsy Christmas Shopping List


Special Features hit or miss?




➳ Hit or Miss: New Gilmore Girls Episodes

➳ Hit or Miss: Snowpiercer TV Adaptation


Special Features music specials




Everything is better with friends

Guilty Pleasures

How to get front row at gigs

Meeting your favorite artist

Music Makes Memories

Supporting Smaller Artists

The Process of becoming a fan

Travelling to concerts

What not to wear to concerts

What to do when an artist is on hiatus

Why people go see their favorite artist a million times

Why we will never get any new musical legends


Special Features personal




On a Personal Note: Happy New Year!

On a Personal Note: Stories

The fear of showing others what you’ve created


Special Features popculture girls who rock our world




Alice (in Wonderland)

Daenarys Targaryen

Harley Quinn

Hermione Granger

Katniss Everdeen


Special Features stories





➳ Hollow Chapter 1
➳ Hollow Chapter 2
➳ Hollow Chapter 3
➳ Hollow Chapter 4
➳ Hollow Chapter 5
➳ Hollow Chapter 6
➳ Hollow Chapter 7
➳ Hollow Chapter 8
➳ Hollow Chapter 9

Imagine Me Loving You

The Butterfly Girl

The Monster Inside My Head


Special Features top 5 and top 10 lists




5 Books I might add to my TBR-pile

5 British Actors in American TV-Series

5 Neil Gaiman books you should definitely read

5 Popular TV-Series I stopped watching

5 Reasons why you should watch Designated Survivor

5 Terrible Books I gave a 1 Star rating on Goodreads

6 reasons why you should watch 13 Reasons Why

10 Movies to watch after seeing Stranger Things

Rewatching Gilmore Girls: 10 Things I Noticed

Rewatching The Breakfast Club: 5 Things I’ve Learned

Top 5: tv-series I wish More People would see

Top 10: British Royalty in Films and Series

100 Thoughts while watching Westworld episode 1


Special Features upcoming




Coming to TV and Comics: Runaways [August, 2017]

How to prepare for American Gods [April, 2017]

How to  prepare for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them [November, 2016]

New & Exciting 2017 TV-Series [January, 2017]

Top 5 Fantasy YA books to look forward to in 2017 [January, 2017]

What to be excited about in 2017: Films [December, 2016]

Why you should be excited for the American Gods series [March, 2017]

Why we’re excited for Game of Thrones Season 7 [March, 2017]


Special Features video's




Fairyloot Unboxing August 2017

I want to try Cosplay

On Adults reading YA fiction

Opening a Pikachu Rayquaza TCG box

Pokémon Center Tokyo Haul

Why YA Authors should not use difficult names