Westworld Episode 1: the Original

100 Thoughts While Watching Westworld Episode 1

HBO needs a new hit show as Game of Thrones only has two (half) seasons left and the second season of True Detective flopped big time. Westworld is their latest attempt at creating a huge and complicated show. I watched Westworld episode one: the Original and summed up my thoughts during it. Obviously, there are spoilers for this episode here.


  1. Here we go, new HBO show!
  2. Oh man, this title sequence is gorgeous
  3. And a little bit creepy
  4. With great music
  5. I love this cast!
  6. OK, bring it on
  7. Do I know enough about the premise to get started?
  8. The trailer was very promising
  9. Evan Rachel Wood! I like her
  10. But why is she naked?
  11. And where is she?
  12. James ‘Cyclops’ Marsden, meh
  13. Alright, let’s give him a fair shot (pun not intended)
  14. I don’t really like westerns
  15. Wait, I loved Young Guns I and II
  16. And Django Unchained
  17. And The Hateful Eight
  18. Maybe I do kinda like westerns…
  19. When was the last time I saw Ed Harris?
  20. Anyway, glad to see him again, he’s cool
  21. Although his character isn’t very nice
  22. So players (are they called players?) can’t be hurt. That’s good to know
  24. Nonononono.
  25. This control room gives me a Hunger Games vibe

    Hemsworth Brother

    Luke Hemsworth in Westworld

  26. Seriously though, were is Seneca Crane or Plutarch Heavensbee?
  27. I mean, there’s Beetee, hi Beetee!
  28. This update is no good I tell ya
  29. It’s the third Hemsworth brother!
  30. Sorry Luke
  31. This feels like an abandoned mall or something like that
  32. Weird place, weird building, weird vibes
  33. I need more information
  34. Those are a lot of naked robotpeople
  35. Must remind myself they are called hosts, not robots
  36. Anthony Hopkins! Yes! Yes!
  37. That other guy is an amazing actor, with his wicked robotic moves
  38. More backstory, always good
  39. Creeeeeepy bodybag scene
  40. This was too little screentime for mr. Hopkins
  41. Bla bla bla on the rooftop with an amazing view
  42. I don’t care too much about these people
  43. Secret plan? Mildly intriguing
  44. Don’t be a grammar nazi, bitch
  45. Yay, more Anthony Hopkins
  46. See, this update is no good
  47. Ed Harris is seriously fucking creepy
  48. Who the hell is he, really?
  49. Yikes, scalp.
  50. With a…map?

    Psycho killers

    Rodrigo Santoro Is Hector In Westworld

  51. This world is crazy
  52. Messed up sheriff, another hint to that faulty update
  53. Psycho killer robot!
  54. Psycho killer host
  55. Haha, milk everywhere, I like this scene a lot
  56. Who is Arnold?
  57. Oh-oh, Dolores’ father is also corrupted
  58. Poor Dolores
  59. Go get that doctor girl!
  60. Yup, bad bad bad update
  61. Problem solving writer, go for it
  62. Big shootout!
  63. Bad guys!
  64. Rodrigo Santoro!
  65. Awesome scene, I want more of this please
  66. I also want more of Hector and Armistice
  67. Rolling Stones’ Paint it Black is amazing in this version
  68. These guests suck, but I get why they shot Hector & Co
  69. Aw, poor Cyclops
  70. And poor Dolores, again
  71. But seriously, Westworld is a dream come true for rpg lovers
  72. I want in
  73. May you rest in a deep and dreamless slumber
  74. I wish some real people would fall asleep with those trigger words

    Go Dolores!

    Evan Rachel Wood is Dolores in Westworld

  75. Dolores’ father is seriously messed up
  76. I don’t think he’ll get back to Westworld
  77. Nope, definitely not
  78. Though I love how we get more backstory out of this, that there have been different roles for the same hosts, like the Shakespearean professor
  79. I wonder what Dolores has played in the past
  80. Bye Dolores’ father, bye crazy milk killer
  82. Aaand we’re back to the beginning of the episode
  83. Did her father really whisper that or is she lying?
  84. Or will this sentence be important later on?
  85. So many questions
  86. She’s lying about not hurting a living thing, I’m sure
  87. Wanna bet there’s another host playing her father?
  88. Yup, hi new dad
  89. I called it host, not robot, yay for me
  90. I’m so into this world now
  91. She’s gonna swat the fly
  93. Oh yeah, one dead fly
  94. Go Dolores!
  95. So this episode was mostly worldbuilding and character setup
  96. I want to see episode 2 though
  97. Give me more Westworld
  98. I also need to watch the movie asap
  99. Maybe, just maybe, HBO has a new hitshow
  100. But I need to see more to be sure



Article written by Nora

Nora would like more time in a day to watch more tv-series & films, write more stories and read more books. Instead, she tries to combine working fulltime and being a wife, mom & friend with sponging up as much popculture in her life as one possibly can. Trigger words for her include, but are not limited to: Gaiman, Rowling, Riordan, Rowell, Star Wars, Marvel, Batman, Bucky, Netflix & Disney. On all Social Media she's known as nosinne.

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