5 Popular TV-Series I Stopped Watching

During the Golden Age of tv-shows there are great series aplenty for everyone, no matter what your preferences are. The downside of this is… there are just too many shows to keep up with. Not counting the shows I gave a fair shot but were just not made for me (I tried getting into popular shows like Sleepy Hollow, Jane the Virgin, Legends of Tomorrow and Pretty Little Liars but never even made it through season 1), these are the generally much loved popular tv-series I sadly no longer watch.


Reasons why I stopped watching Supernatural (Popular TV-Series I Stopped Watching)

Yeah, this one made me cry too. I was such a HUGE fan at the beginning of the show and even own the first six series on DVD. Seasons 1 – 5 are some of the best fantasy/supernatural tv ever made in my opinion. I can still list a thousand reasons why everybody should start watching it (reason #1 being Jensen Ackles, duh) but somewhere during season 10 I just… stopped. I even gave it another shot since this was my favorite show for sooooo long, but again, it just wasn’t for me anymore.

It’s got nothing to do with the cast since they are amazeballs and it shows they have so much fun with their characters. I can’t really pinpoint the reason I stopped watching but it’s probably a combination of recurring plotlines (Dean and Sam fight. Dean and Sam split up. Dean and Sam get together again. Meanwhile, Cas does something stupid), the deaths of some much loved characters, being disinterested during some episodes and just ‘meh’ main storylines.

Still, I can imagine picking this up again somewhere in the near future when Supernatural is cancelled (for the casts’ and fans sake I hope this will be a long time coming) and bingewatching seasons 10 and further just to see what happens with my boys Sam and Dean.


Reasons why I stopped watching Arrow (5 Popular TV-Series I Stopped Watching)

I had a rocky start with Arrow. When it first aired, I watched half of season 1, but stopped watching due to lack of interest. I picked it up again when several friends told me to give it another shot and I actually started liking it better. This time, I made it halfway through season 4 when I noticed this show is just the worst. It’s very poorly written, the characters are flat and stereotyped and the action scenes are so over the top choreographed, they just started to make me laugh. I was genuinely very bored while watching Arrow.

Furthermore, there were just no characters that made me stay (as Sam, Dean and Cas did for Supernatural). While I really liked Oliver, Felicity and Diggle, I just did not love them. And I even started hating some secondary characters such as Thea and Laurel. The flashback scenes were some of the worst I ever saw and I just quit watching. I did read the Wikipedia to ‘finish’ season 4 and I was glad I made the decision to stop. No offense to the main cast since I do like the actors and I love how Stephen Amell showcases himself on social media, but this show ended for me and I will not pick it up again.

Once Upon a Time

Reasons why I stopped watching Once Upon A Time (5 Popular TV-Series I Stopped Watching)

This show is so very, very campy. The acting is either mediocre or completely over the top. The special effects are terrible (though they did get a bit better over time) and still, I really loved this show despite or maybe even because of these reasons. It was so much fun to watch, so very light compared to the shows listed above and below. I also enjoyed the subtle humor. The plotlines were very predictable but it just showed everybody from cast and crew was having such a great time. Seeing some behind the scenes images, I can tell this cast is very close and very funny. And very hot. Seriously, there is some amazing eyecandy on this show. Also, I love all things Disney, and Once Upon a Time incorporated some great characters. The creators have amazing eye for detail concerning costumes, hair and make-up.

Sadly, all good things come to an end and when I noticed I wasn’t really enjoying it anymore, I started seeing all the flaws. The storylines with Arthur/Camelot and Hades/Underworld were the downfall of Once Upon a Time for me. I almost made it to the end of season 5 (I only had 5 episodes left to watch) but I again went to Wikipedia to see if I wasn’t missing anything, and I wasn’t. So I won’t be starting season 6. I still hope Captain Swan will get married someday though, and I will get back and watch that episode on repeat like crazy.

American Horror Story

Reasons why I stopped watching American Horror Story (5 Popular TV-Series I Stopped Watching)

It feels like this is a more like a hiatus for me and not the definitive end, but for now I stopped watching American Horror Story. I was in love with the first season, Murder House. It was just so new and so cleverly done. When I realised this show was an anthology, it just showed me again how clever the writers/creators are. This way, they could re-use most of the great cast and write a very different story each season.

Season 2, Asylum, had a disappointing ending for me but overall I also really enjoyed it. Coven, the third season was 50/50 for me. It had some great finds and the same perfect cast but it was too over the top for my liking. It was apparent American Horror Story would never get back to the almost perfect first season. I watched a couple of episodes from both the 4th and 5th seasons, Freak Show and Hotel but they just didn’t do it for me.

Still, this show comes to mind every time I’m looking for something new to watch. And where all other shows on this list have long, 20+ episodes seasons, American Horror Story is a shorter show with just a ‘half’ season. So I can binge it quicker than most other series. I probably will give AHS another shot somewhere in the not too distant future. It also helps Freak Show and Hotel are streaming on Netflix. I’ve read some things about the lastest season, Roanoke and that certainly has my spiked interest. So maybe I’ll watch it all when that is added as well.


Reasons why I stopped watching Homeland (5 Popular TV-Series I Stopped Watching)

This is the quickest DNF on this list, as I only watched 2,5 seasons before I stopped watching Homeland. The first season was just so incredible and I would recommend it to everyone seeking a thrilling show. I was on the edge of my seat so many times. Is Brody a terrorist? Or is he a hero? It was so cleverly written and so suspenseful.

Of all the shows on this list, the acting on Homeland is the best and that’s saying a lot. But Claire Danes, Damian Lewis and Mandy Patinkin deserve all the awards/nominations they got for this. However, season 2 already had me lounging back more. It was less intense and not such a surprise as the first season. When I accidentally read that huge spoiler for season 3, I just gradually stopped watching. I reckon it’s still an amazing show but it will take me some time to pick this up again, if I ever even will.

So, what popular tv-series did you stop watching and why? Let us know in the comments!



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