52 week Self-Portrait Challenge #1

52 week Self-Portrait Challenge #1

I visit a lot of blogs, most of them Dutch blogs. One of the blogs is about photography, called Fotografille. I read about the 52 week photo-challenge. I do like challenges and thus I will also try to do the 52 week Self-Portrait challenge. It doesn’t need much explanation. Every single week I will take a self-portrait. I will try to challenge myself by experimenting with make-up, compositions and photoshop. I hope that I will be able to keep up and I hope that I will have enough ideas throughout the year. But who knows. It’s fun to challenge yourself once in a while, right?

So here’s the first self-portrait

52 week Self-Portrait Challenge #1

I tried my new lipstick and I think it looks good (just don’t ask my mum). My hair is a bit messy, but I guess that is me. I am still trying to get that super cool flawless hair. Oh well.

Hope you liked the first one! And hopefully I will get better at this!

Do you have ideas for my self-portrait challenge? Let me know in the comments!



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