Having Boobs on the Internet: What is a Boobie-Streamer?

Having Boobs on the Internet: What is a ‘Boobie-Streamer’?

Ever heard this before: Girl gets (sexually) harassed, girl complains, people ask ‘But what was she wearing?’ Enough to make your blood boil, am I right? None of us would even dare to say that a girl asked for any form of (sexual) harassment because of the clothes she is wearing.

Then why is this a common thing on the internet?

YouTube and Twitch

Last year Twitch tightened its code of conduct and outlawed indecent exposure, excessive drinking and sexual content for its streamers. However, that rallied some members of the Twitch community to push it a bit further and they tried to action everyone to boycott and harass female streamers who, in their words ‘rely on skimpy clothing for subscribers and views.’ The community calls these girls ‘boobie-streamers’ and the community is claiming that they have ruined Twitch by turning it into some sort of pornographic website.

At the time a lot of YouTubers and Twitch members have spouted their dismay regarding these girls by either creating protest podcasts, YouTube videos ranting about it, or they ralley a whole groups who will gang up on female streamers (who might be showing some cleavage) to troll them in their chat channels, calling them all sorts of derogatory names. Apparently bullying is accepted by them if it means they get what they want; for the girl to stop streaming.


Now this was a big thing last year and I honestly thought it had simmered down, but a few weeks ago the whole debate started to get fired up again. I have seen Patreons made for Twitch to petition against girls who are labeled as ‘titty-streamers’.

Me like many others love watching a good stream, but i am sick and tired of these so called boobie streamers who barely even plays games, all they do is cry and do all sorts of random shit for donations. I want twitch to go back to what it used to be a community of gamers guys and girls alike sharing their experience. Twitch is turning into a pornsite.

I want these boobie steamers to be banned from twitch or atleast twitch can follow up on some rules like no nudity and the fact that they atleast have to play video games, i have seen people using pre recorded gameplay on twitch….” The Patreon can be found here.

Having Boobs on the Internet: What is a 'Boobie-Streamer'?

Why the hate?

Their argument is that several years ago many streamers where mostly professional gamers who hardly ever used webcams or relied on donations. When Twitch made the use with webcams and donations easier, a lot more female streamers started creating their channels. The argument continues by stating that ‘girl gamers’ tend to show things in their stream that sets them aside from ‘regular’ streamers by using large webcams for example, that are pointed at their chests, they do skimpy cosplay, wear excessive make-up and ‘speak dirty’ to their viewers. They insist that girls who focus on anything but the game play are just in it for the money.

Many people don’t just blame the women, but say that the community is at fault. The boy-cotters feel that the horny guys who come into a ‘titty-streamers’ channel and donate money are half of the problem by basically making it easy for these girls to earn money, whereas a lot of professional streamers are now having a harder time making money compared to several years ago. Well…. that is according to the boy-cotters.

Having Boobs on the Internet: What is a 'Boobie-Streamer'?

Girls hating on Girls

As you might have noted, I don’t put a gender on the people who boycott these streams. Because, it’s not just men who are against these ‘boobie-streamers’. I have seen many women have a go about these girls, again calling them all sorts of names or when they introduce themselves in their profile it will say something akin to ‘I’m not a whore, I won’t show you my cleavage.’

I have also followed the story of a lady who was labeled as one of these ‘boobie-streamers’ and who made a you tube video about how she no longer wants to be labeled as such. She explained that she felt pressured by the community to enhance her appearance before she would stream. It would take her 40 minutes to get ready, wearing heavy face- and body-make up to manipulate her looks. She would wear extra pairs of bras to make her breasts look bigger and perkier. She stated that her reasons for ‘selling out to be a ‘boobie-streamer’ was pushed into a fear of not being good enough on her own.

Luckily there are also many girls who will come out to defend the ‘boobie-streamers’, I highly recommend this amazing video by Amanda the Jedi. You can watch the video here.

Having Boobs on the Internet: What is a 'Boobie-Streamer'?

The Community

There are many girls who stream on Twitch. Some cover up completely and others show a bit of skin or perhaps even a lot of skin. Many streamers have also come to the aid of female streamers and find it ridiculous that girls aren’t allowed to wear whatever they want on stream. I have heard many male streamers who have made a name for themselves say that this is not a reason to bully and harass women. ‘It’s a pair of boobs, get over yourselves.’ is something they keep mentioning to all the haters. There has been a huge outpouring of people who have called out the boy-cotters calling them bullies and jealous of the success of these female streamers. In the meantime the arguing keeps going on and on.

My 2 cents

The first time I saw one of these ‘boobie-streamers’ I was a little bit taken aback. Why would a girl do this? I pondered. I decided to hang out in their chat to see what sort of people it would attract and I have to admit that it wasn’t long before I completely sided with the female streamer. Never ever, have I seen so many insults and derogatory words seen slung at another human being. You know those unsolicited penis pics girls get on Tinder or Facebook? Well it’s very much the same here.

People think it’s OK to just throw insults and sexually tinted comments to girls because it’s the internet and we love being douche bags while being relatively anonymous. Do some of these girls play on the fact that some people can’t hold it together when they see some skin and want to throw money at them? Absolutely, and I personally couldn’t care less. If that is how people want to spend their money, then they have every right to do so, so why would you blame the girls ‘catering for that demand’?

Perhaps we should all take a step back when judging someone. Stop and think about who actually is streaming: this is a girl, yes. She’s someone’s daughter, someone’s sister, someone’s friend. Isn’t it time we stop putting labels on people, degrading them to ‘things’ and calling them names. I am hoping that 2018 will bring some kindness to the internet.




Article written by Sil

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