Popculture Christmas Gifts

Gifts for Pop-Culture Loving Chicks Part 2

Christmas is still coming closer. In two weeks time, your significant other or best friend will pretend they attend your dinner party because they love being with you, but actually they are waiting to see which Christmas gifts you got them. The stakes are high because you do not want to spend another year hearing how you got *insert name* cosy socks because you thought it would be a nice gesture. Nope, nice gestures are for suckers and people who wish to commit social suicide. You want to be known as the best gift-giver known to men. You want everybody to scream how well you know them! Well do not fret, my child! I am here to help you. Today we will be discussing gifts for girls who love Dr. Who or Pokémon. Are you ready to catch all the admiration?

Dr. Who Christmas Gifts

Tardis Slippers

Okay, you can’t let the idea of those socks go, but what about these comfortable and nice Tardis slippers? It is guaranteed to make the heart of a Whovian beat a little bit faster. Who can say no to warm feet in style? No one, that’s who. Doctor Who?

Popculture Christmas Gifts: Dr. Who
Dr. Who Slippers Boots, £39,99
Tardis Throw Blanket

Christmas nights are cold and while the Whovian’s feet are warm, they will also want the rest of their body to be at a temperature that suits a living person. No worries, the great people behind Dr. Who Merchandise have come up with an excellent way to achieve this. A Tardis Throw Blanket! Your Whovian will snuggle up on the couch with it and nap away the possibly offensive remarks you’ve made while you were slightly drunk during Christmas dinner. A win-win situation!

Popculture Christmas Gifts: Dr. Who

Tardis Throw Blanket $22,99

The Doctor & Companion Rings

This gift is ideal for lovebirds out there. Show your bae some love by getting these nice rings and actually wearing them to show your love and Dr. Who pride. The question is, who is the doctor and who will be the companion?

Popculture Christmas Gifts: Dr. Who
Dr. Who/Companion Rings $19,99

Weeping Angel Stress Relief Toy

While encountering a Weeping Angel will not actually do much good to your stress levels, this stress relief toy is a perfect way to have your Dr. Who fan calm down after a stressy Christmas time. Along with the other gifts, this will be a perfect way to end the holiday season.

Popculture Christmas Gifts: Dr. Who
Weeping Angel Stress Relief Toy $24,99

Pokémon Christmas Gifts

Giant Snorlax Pillow

I don’t think these are still for sale, but if you can find one, make sure you get it. This Snorlax pillow is 150cms, which is enormous. You probably don’t have any space left to actually live, but who needs that? As long as you have a PokeFlute, you can wake it up any time right? Right.

Popculture Christmas Gifts: Pokémon

Snorlax Pillow $496

Pokemon Sun and Moon

Chances are your Pokemon Trainer friend/bae already has these games, but if they don’t, you must certainly get it for them. A new region means a new chance to become a Pokemon master and for a true trainer all that matters is to be the very best like no one ever was. Plus, these games are really good.

Popculture Christmas Gifts: Pokémon
Pokemon Sun & Moon, available everywhere

Alola Plush

More plushies will come out in the weeks before Christmas, featuring the Pokémon found in the Alola region. Plushies are great because it gives trainers the opportunity to pretend that they actually have a Pokemon in real life. Plus they are adorable. Give me all the plushies!

Popculture Christmas Gifts: Pokémon

Pokemon Center Plushies. Prices vary.

That was it for today. Check back later for more Christmas gift ideas!




Article written by Ingrid

Ingrid is the twenty-something owner of The Sassologist, who loves everything that has to do with pop culture. While she is one of many who is in the process of writing a novel, she is also currently in denial over not being a witch. Her Hogwarts letter has yet to arrive. In the meantime she writes about pop culture and dreams about unicorns.

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