Which classics should Disney turn into live-action films?

Which classics should Disney turn into live-action films?

The trailer for the upcoming live-action film of Beauty and the Beast has been released and of course we are all super excited for it. I mean, isn’t Emma Watson perfect as Belle? Disney is planning to make a lot more live-action films in the near future after the success of The Jungle Book, with titles like Mulan and the Lion King on the way. But which Disney classics would we like to see on the big screen again and why? Here’s our list and Disney, if you are reading this, you are free to take our suggestions and turn these classics into the real deal.

1. Hercules

Everybody loved Hercules and the amazing songs used in the 1997 flick. A tale of a god fallen from grace who has to live among the common folks and prove himself to be a hero in order to become a God again. Hercules was filled with humour and a little bit of darkness. Furthermore, it has the best ‘princess’ of all Disney classics, Megara, who is a sassy queen and a total badass. And let’s not forget Phil, Pegasus and the best villain of all time, Hades. The animated version of Hercules is very much underrated, so it’s time to bring it back to life with a live-action version.

2. The Hunchback of the Notre-Dame

Who did not feel all the feels while watching Hunchback of the Notre-Dame? The story about the deformed Quasimodo who was locked up in the towers of the Notre-Dame was incredibly touching. He was orphaned thanks to the asshole Frollo, who then became his guardian. Quasi was not allowed to leave the church because people would hate him for his ugliness. What a great way to help a kid get some self-esteem. Frollo then lusts after a gypsy girl they meet, Esmeralda, and orders for her to be captured, but she finds sanctuary in the Notre-Dame. Drama unfolds. While it is not as dramatic as the original story by Victor Hugo (spoiler, everybody dies), it was still a touching tale and one that would make a fantastic live-action film. I will get the tissues.

3. Bambi

If we have a Lion King live-action version, why wouldn’t we be able to have a Bambi one? Yes, we will all cry our eyeballs out when Bambi’s mother dies but imagine how adorable these animals will be? Flower and Thumper? Oh my, just the thought of them makes me want to start a petition to make this happen. Plus, there is a happy ending for a chance and we all love happy endings, right?

4. The Emperor’s New Groove

A cocky emperor accidentally gets turned into a Llama, as his former adviser tries to poison him but gives him the wrong poison. Emperor Kuzco gets dumped on a cart which takes him to the home of Pacha, an ordinary villager. Kuzco at first said he wanted to destroy Pacha’s home, but Pacha says he will only help Kuzco if he won’t destroy his home.

It will probably be hard to turn this into a live-action because let’s be honest, even though Llama’s are amazing, how are you going to make a talking Llama in clothes come off as convincing? But the film has quite a lot of humour, great characters and good music. What more could we want?


Which Disney films do you want to see turned into live-action films?



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