Marvel's Doctor Strange - A Review

Marvel’s Doctor Strange – A Review

I’m a sucker for cool trailers and a while ago when I saw this trailer of a new Marvel film, I was instantly excited to see the film. I went to see Doctor Strange last week and I thought it would be a nice idea to write a short review about it. Well basically it are just my thoughts on the whole shebang, but same thing, right? Right.

I wasn’t familiar with the story of Doctor Strange or even of him as a character. Yes, I know, shame on me. But as I do really enjoy Marvel films and as I said, the trailer looked amazing. I’m not a Cumberbitch (or whatever fans of Benedict call themselves) but I do think he is a good actor so that was a big plus.

Whitewashing controversy

I had heard afterwards that there was a lot of controversy regarding the whitewashing of one of the main characters, but as I wasn’t aware of that, it didn’t bother me during the film. Naturally, whitewashing is a very serious issue and afterwards I did think about it, but I think I would have gone to see the film anyway. I’ve read Marvel’s statement on the matter and they do have valid arguments. Plus I think that it is a plus that instead of a white male, they at least went with a woman. But let’s not get caught up into politics too much. Let’s talk about the film.

Is it a good one? Yes, I think it was really good. It is probably a good idea to not take in any LSD before you go see this film because you will most likely go insane. I don’t want to write any spoilers about the story, but let’s say, the first 30 minutes really had me wondering what the hell was going on and at times I even felt like I was getting sick. IMAX does make you experience the whole thing a hundred times more intense.

Rachel McAdams

I think that (despite the controversy) the casting was great. Most of the actors were phenomenal and Benedict Cumberbatch really does make a great Doctor Strange. Also a shout-out to my girl crush Rachel McAdams. It is time she gets her own superhero flick.

I loved the pop culture references (Beyoncé! Adele!) and the humour. One of the reasons why I prefer Marvel flicks over DC films is the humour used in Marvel films. DC tried to trick us into believing Suicide Squad was funny, but sadly that was not the case (all the love for Harley, tho).

Doctor Strange is definitely one of my favourite Marvel films, because of the great storyline and the fact that it involves magic, and we all know I’m a sucker for that. If you like superhero flicks, humour, a good story and great special effects, this film is definitely a must watch!




Article written by Ingrid

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