Re-Watching Gilmore Girls: 10 Things I Noticed

Re-Watching Gilmore Girls: 10 Things I Noticed

I adore Gilmore Girls. When the series first aired in 2000, I was hooked pretty quickly and I watched every episode the week it came out. I was about Rory’s age (well, actually more like star Alexis Bledel’s age but who’s keeping track right?) at that point so that made everything even more relatable. So when Netflix announced ‘A Year in the Life’ I was thrilled. With a premiere date of November 25th, I just had to binge watch all 7 seasons to refresh my memories. And I noticed things…

1. Lorelai sucks as a girlfriend

Re-Watching Gilmore Girls: 10 Things I NoticedMax. Jason. Christopher. Luke. Lorelai basically manages to screw up every relationship she has. Max was the sweetest and he would have made such a loving stepdad to Rory, but Lorelai just broke his heart for no apparent reason. Maybe Max was too boring for the show? Jason was a terrible character and I was glad he got written off within one season, but the relationship he had with Lorelai made no sense at all and I just couldn’t see why she would hook-up with him or keep their relationship such a secret.

The times Lorelai got together with Christopher are numerous and besides his ex-girlfriend being pregnant, all of their break-ups are her fault. And don’t even get me started about Luke because they are the Gilmore Girls’ OTP. Lorelai might be an amazing mother and great friend, she is the worst girlfriend ever.

2. All of Rory’s boyfriends are rubbish

Yes. This is true. Hear me out.
Rory’s first love was Dean Forrester. Dean broke up with Rory not once, but twice PUBLICLY. First at the dance marathon and second at Rory’s own party. Both times his reasons were valid but still, publicly? And twice? Dean also was the dude who broke up with Rory a first time since she wouldn’t say ‘I love you’ back. Oh, and he cheated on his wife. Shame on you Dean.

Then came Jess Mariano. Jess is a punk who treated Rory like crap. He hated almost everything she liked about Stars Hollow, was disrespectful and got into a car crash with Rory. Jess had the ‘bad  boy’ vibe 100%. He just left town when things got too heated for him, without ever telling Rory. He called her without ever saying a word and worst of all, he said he loved her and left without giving her a chance to reply.

And lastly, there is Logan Huntzburger. It kinda made sense for them to date for a while, but it made no sense to me they stayed together. Their worlds were soooo different with Logan being the playboy billionaire with a casual lifestyle. Also, he cheated on Rory with a bunch of girls and never really took her feelings for granted. He is a slime, a very bad drunk and a selfish arrogant bastard.
Still, besides all of the above, #teamjess forever.

3. I love Emily Gilmore

Re-Watching Gilmore Girls: 10 Things I NoticedThis surprised me too. The first time I watched Gilmore Girls, I remember thinking Emily was annoying and manipulative. And yes, she kinda is those things but this time around I just loved her. She has the best looks and can raise an eyebrow in about 50 different ways.

I get why she does the things she does and I just adore how much she truly loves her loved ones. All the kudos go to Kelly Bishop for portraying this character so incredibly.


4. The show had bad luck with its young male cast

Jared Padalecki (Dean) went off to play Sam Winchester on Supernatural; Milo Ventimiglia (Jess) was supposed to get his own spin-off; Chad Michael Murray (Tristin) got to star in One Tree Hill as Lucas; Adam Brody (Dave) was one of the leads in The O.C. as Seth. So four of the young male stars left because they got better deals. Well, all but Milo, whose show did not get picked up.

5. How the hell are Rory and Lorelai not super fat?

Just saying, but them girls cat EAT. They must eat more junkfood in a week than an average person does in a year. Just watching Gilmore Girls gives me the munchies. All the food looks so, so, so very good. Sookie does cook healthier food but she also is a feeder. With both Lorelai’s hating sports, it’s a miracle they are not morbidly obese. I wish I had those genes.

6. Kirk makes no sense

Don’t get me wrong, I love Sean Gunn to bits but his character just doesn’t make any sense at all. I don’t even think I have to elaborate on this since everybody probably agrees with this.

7. I have mixed feelings about Christopher

Re-Watching Gilmore Girls: 10 Things I NoticedI really like Christopher when he is not together with Lorelai. He is a semi badboy, semi loser but has his heart in the right place. While he could put in a lot more effort to be in Rory’s life (seriously though, where was he the first 15 years of her life?) I like the chemistry between them.
I really hate Christopher when he is together with Lorelai. He turnes into a completely different person, all mushy and homely and… it’s just weird. They shouldn’t be a couple, ever.

8. But Luke Danes is the best

Luke. Danes. Is. The. Best.

9. Some plotlines were just… MEH

Even the best shows have lesser plots, Gilmore Girls being no exception. The storylines that didn’t work for me included:

  • Rory going to Yale, not Harvard
  • Almost all things Marty
  • Rory dropping out of Yale and going into the DAR
  • Christopher being filthy rich
  • Lane’s pregnancy
  • Luke’s sister and brother in law
  • Mostly everything concerning my last thought:

10. Gilmore Girls season 7 is terrible

It’s very clear the original writers/producers Amy Sherman – Palladino and Daniel Palladino left and didn’t write a word for season 7. The storylines were just the worst and hardly made any sense. It felt like a completely different show. It’s such a shame that a great show like Gilmore Girls had to end on such a very low.

Luckily, there is the Netflix revival, with the Palladino’s on board! This will give the chance for them to finish the series like they had planned. Amy very famously has claimed she has always known the last words to be spoken in the series. Those words will now be the last said in the final episode of A Year in the Life. This revival will give all the fans the closure they have waited for about ten years. I can’t wait to see what happens!

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