Horrortober filmreviews and special features

Horrortober Recap: all our reviews and features

And sadly, October comes to an end and with that, our very first Horrortober celebration. We hope you enjoyed our horror filled month! Maybe you want to know if you missed any article by us? Or you just like lists. Either way, here are all the reviews and special features we wrote this spooky month. We hope to see you again next year!

Tom’s Horrortober Horrorfilm Bonanza

  • Week one
    With reviews on: Dead and Buried; Maniac Cop; The Wolfman; The Re-Animator; Pin; The Monster Club; Hell’s Ground
  • Week two: the sequel
    With reviews on: Fiend; Phantasm; Seed of Chucky; Curse of the Devil; Witchfinder General; The City of the Dead; City in Panic
  • Week three: it’s alive!
    With reviews on: 2000 Maniacs; Don’t go in the Woods… Alone; Evil Dead; American Poltergeist; Satanic; Most Likely to Die; Prom Night
  • Week four: the final chapter
    With reviews on: Dracula’s Daughter; Krampus the Christmas Devil; The Last Man on Earth; Spontaneous Combustion; Two Evil Eyes; Black Sabbath; The Beyond; Frostbite

Horrortober Film Reviews

Horrortober Special Features

Some of our older horror stories

Here are some more horror-filled articles we wrote before this October but still want to share with you:

That’s all folks!

Did you like our theme month? Let us know! We also would love your ideas on other possible theme months in the future. Marvel March? DCember? Supertember? Nerdvember? So many months, so many puns! Or what about May’s Movie Madness or Februaread? If you have any suggestions for us (or would like to collaborate with us on a thememonth to come), please contact us asap! No matter what, we’ll definitely be back for October 2018 to celebrate this month of horror with you! We feel like a new tradition has started. Happy Halloween, Happy Horrortober!



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