Dan Brown's Inferno Film Review

Dan Brown’s Inferno Film Review

I am not a Dan Brown fan. There, I just said it. I have read The Da Vinci Code and think I saw the film, but I am not sure. It’s not that I have anything against Dan Brown and his novels, I just never got the whole craze that happened a while ago over his books. That’s fine, it was never really my genre and I enjoyed the Da Vinci Code, but never really felt the need to watch/read the other stories.

The Inferno Virus

However, the boyfriend is a Dan Brown fan and was very excited when Inferno hit the theatres. Considering I have an Unlimited Pass for one of the cinemas here (which means I can see as many films as I like for a certain amount of money a month), I didn’t mind going to the film. I mean, I think Tom Hanks is a great actor and I was excited to see him in another film.

Here’s a spoiler free summary. So the story revolves around Dr. Robert Langdon again. He wakes up in a hospital with no idea how he got there or what happened to him. Langdon has strange visions, but has no time to think about it as a woman in police uniform comes in and tries to kill him. He flees together with his doctor to her apartment, where they find out that a millionaire has created a virus that will kill half of the human population if not found in time. He calls it the Inferno. For some reason, the man has left clues for Dr. Langdon that will eventually lead to the location of the virus. Dr. Langdon doesn’t have long to stop half of the world from dying.

On the edge of my seat

When my boyfriend asked me what I thought of the film after it had ended, I had to admit that I had really liked it. He wasn’t too impressed because he said that he expected more. But as I did not read the book, I couldn’t compare the two, which was quite nice for a change. It meant that the plot twists were still shocking to me and that at times I was sitting on the edge of my seat when some of the major action was happening.

I overheard others say that they thought the film was predictable, but I did not agree. I watched Angels and Demons the day before watching Inferno, and I had predicted the whole thing two hours before the film ended. Inferno actually managed to surprise and shock me, which is a good thing. But once again, that was probably because I haven’t read the book.

Dante’s Inferno

That said, the beginning of the film was rather strange. For a good fifteen minutes I was wondering what the hell I was watching. The images of people who were going through the punishments as described in Dante’s version of hell were quite disturbing; for a while I wondered if I was watching a horror film. Once that was over, I could let the film carry me away and I tried my best to solve the clues myself. The thing that did bother me, and I know that it is very understandable, is the fact that the clues are solved so easily. Of course, if they took half an hour to solve one clue, the film would last too long. But still at times it felt a bit rushed.

I heard many people who didn’t like the film or who said that it wasn’t what they were expecting, but I don’t quite agree. If you are into the riddle-solving films and just want to have a good time, this is the perfect film to watch. Is it as good as the book? Probably not (I wouldn’t know but the film is almost never better unless you’re talking Fifty Shades of Grey). I say don’t listen to all the bad reviews but just see it for yourself and decide if you like it. I don’t regret going and had a great time.



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