Legion: A launch experience

World of Warcraft Legion: A launch experience

It was Monday evening, 20:30 on the 29th of August. Only a few more hours left before the launch of Legion, the new expansion of World of Warcraft. I, along with roughly 6 million other players had been waiting for this moment for over a year. Closely watching all the announcements that were released about this new – quite large – chunk of story that would be coming our way. Would it be everything we hoped for? Or would it turn out to be another huge disappointment, like the previous Warlords of Draenor, which left is with no new content for approximately a year and a half, and had very little content to start with.

My excitement grew with everything they announced; the artifact weapons, the new models for the wildlife in the game, and new storylines for NPC’s that were lost in action since before I even started playing! Yet there was another side to this as well. I remembered all the cool announcements they made for Warlords of Draenor, how excited that got me, and how disappointing everything turned out to be. So what would happen to legion; would it be as wonderful and enchanting as they promised, or would it turn out to be a huge bummer, just like before?

Exit game

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So there I sat in front of my PC, getting my main character ready to explore the new area of the Broken Isles. There was about half an hour left before the new expansion would go live, so I thought to myself; “Might as well get my other characters in position as well!” so I went to log out. But I made a huge mistake. I CLICKED EXIT GAME INSTEAD OF LOG OUT! Can you imagine my horror?

The servers would be so busy with people flocking back to the game to play. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to get back in. And then it got worse as I tried to re-launch the game. A message popped up on my screen and I honest to God thought I was going to break down in tears right then and there; “Some of your game files appear to be broken, repairing may take up 5-30 minutes.”

Rage Gamer

Yes, this struck a nerve (I am such a rage-gamer), because of course I turned out to be the lucky one who had to wait 30 minutes for the files to be repaired. On launch day. With now only 20 minutes left till launch.

So 20 minutes long I just sat there hoping and begging the game to be ready before the launch (which of course it wasn’t), and then the first 10 minutes after the launch, utterly raging at my friend who was already in, and was happily torturing me by constantly sending photos on Whatsapp of how amazing the new areas looked, and how super cool his new druid appearance was. To me this came straight out of the book; “How to get your gamer friends to hate you 101.” (This is probably not a real book, but it totally should be.)

Take all the quests

But the Gods be praised, not long after my buddy was done with this artifact questline I was finally able to log back in. And yes, I was able to log back in. No waiting queues, no server crashes, and no trouble whatsoever. Not even the slight lag spikes could keep me from my game any more. I went straight in and didn’t even bother to read the quest descriptions, I just wanted to do all the things all at the same time! I caught up with my friend, and we decided to do a couple of quests together. It was amazing, everything looked amazing, and I can tell you in all honesty; I remember not a single thing of the quests I did that first day. I was just way too caught up in the design of, well, everything.Schermafdruk 2016-09-02 13.07.30

Around 02:30 at night I figured I should go to sleep, having finished questing through half of the first zone already. (I swear I said I was only going to do a couple of quests!) But legion was finally here, and so far it seemed like Blizzard gave us everything they promised.

And now, a little over a week after the release, and having played through all of the zones (except for the max level zone), I can truly say; Blizzard gave us everything they promised, and made up for the horror that was Warlords of Draenor.



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