No Man's Sky indeed

No Man’s Sky indeed

If you have been paying attention over the last few weeks, you may have noticed there has been quite a buzz about a game that was released not too long ago; “No Man’s Sky”. At last year’s E3, No Man’s Sky was announced to be released around June 2016, and what they showed us was amazing, especially considering this was a game made by an indie developer. This would be an epic exploration game, where you could fly around in your spaceship in a galaxy of 18 quintillion planets (that’s a lot of planets). You would be able to explore these worlds and observe the amazing dinosaur-like creatures that inhabited the planet you happened to land on. This is a game that got a lot of people’s hopes up for several reasons;

  1. It was going to be a non-violent game
  2. It was to be purely exploration based
  3. Also, it was going to be a multiplayer game
  4. And finally it just looked amazing and colourful


So all in all, it seemed like it would be totally worth the 60 bucks they would charge us when it would finally be released! But you all know how it goes with games people are excited for; No Man’s Sky got delayed.

no man's sky lie

To be honest, I wasn’t too bothered by the delay of No Man’s Sky, since I did not have the funds to buy it anyway. I would just sit out my time and hope to get to play it at some point in the future *cough* download *cough*.  But August rolled around the corner, and No Man’s Sky was released to all the hyped up boys and girls who had been looking forward to this game for over a year.

Up and around 2 million people started playing, and it was only a matter of hours before the game got flooded with reviews. And those reviews weren’t all good, even getting increasingly worse as the week progressed. Things got so bad, that STEAM decided to refund the game for everyone, which they normally only do when someone has played a game for less than 2 hours. No Man’s Sky was put to utter shame, along with its development team and Sony – who released the game.

Insulting reviews

I could’ve easily gone along with the thousands upon thousands of horribly insulting reviews, but I’m the kind of person who likes the check things myself. “Somehow” I managed to get my hands on this game, and I installed it so I could see for myself if this game was truly the monstrosity they claimed it to be. It all started off with a 15 minute loading screen of zooming past little blips that were supposed to be planets. I restarted the game twice, because I didn’t realise it was still loading and just thought the game was stuck.

After regaining my patience I landed on a very rocky planet, with not much to look at. According to the game data this planet contained minimum flora, and a very low amount of fauna. To me this was a little disappointing, because the trailer of No Man’s Sky made it seem like we would constantly run into amazing things! Of course I understand that never in a million years would there be life on all planets in all of the universes, but that’s real life, we’re talking about a game here.

no man's sky planets

Before I went out on my planet I had to find the settings, so I could get the game a little more stable. Thankfully they put them under the ever obvious “Esc” button, so I did not have to search for long. I finally got everything to run smoothly on low settings, (which was weird because my PC far outdid the minimum specifications) and I got around to exploring a little bit. I couldn’t get off this planet yet, because my spaceship was broken, and I had to collect materials to repair it.

Exploring No Man’s Sky

Do you remember the little list in the beginning of this blog? Well you can cross out number 1, because within 5 minutes of finding out how to farm materials and starting to actually farm them; I got attacked by a random droid. Apparently my mining made it aggressive. I managed to knock the thing out with my mining laser, which I then had to repair with my newly acquired materials.

I spent approximately 3 hours in total playing No Man’s Sky, and I did indeed do a lot of exploring. Mostly because after I repaired my spaceship I got bored of the planet I was on, and quickly made my way to another one! So I guess you could check off point 2; this game is not purely but indeed mostly exploration based. Looking at the other planets I visited though, I can’t really say that this game lived up to its promotion material. All 3 planets I had visited so far were gloomy and mostly grey, with little to no wildlife, and only one planet had an abundance of flora.

Not worth the money

Considering what I’ve seen of the game so far, I would be crossing out point 4; it’s not all that colourful, and definitely not all that amazing.And for the multiplayer part? Big no. It’s a game with 18 quintillion planets, yes sure you can play together with other players but you’ll just have to find them first! Which is nearly impossible, as admitted by the lead developer. So all in all, this game did not live up to the expectations for me. It’s fun to fire up once in a while to just fly around in the hopes of finding planets with actual fauna on it, but I would not pay €60 for this game.

no man's sky actually looks more like this

Have you played No Man’s Sky? What did you think about this game, and did it live up to your expectations? Let us know what you think in the comments!



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