Why the original Power Rangers are amazing

Why the original Power Rangers are amazing

Yesterday, I talked about Hollywood making too many remakes and I briefly mentioned the upcoming Power Rangers film. For many of people born after the glorious 90s, The original Power Rangers are probably an unknown thing. But for us 90s kids, the Power Rangers mark a glorious era where we could pretend that wearing tight latex suits would give us super powers, as long as we worked together.

The idea of the Power Rangers was of course taken from the Japanese show Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger, because at least the Japanese are capable of coming up with their own ideas. Regardless of that, the Power Rangers were a hit and had me tuning in on the Kids Channel on Sunday to watch it (and Biker Mice from Mars. Who remembers that one?). The CGI effects were bad. The plot was horrible and the acting was even worse, yet still I enjoyed it. When I played Power Rangers with my brother and his friends, I always had to be the Pink Ranger, even though I really wanted to be the red ranger. He was the coolest and the leader. Yeah, I know he was always played by a dude, but red is just my colour, okay?

Now that a new Power Rangers film is in the making, I figured it would be a good idea to reminisce about all the good things about the Power Rangers. Things that cannot be topped by whatever new CGI effects they are throwing in our faces. What? Elizabeth Banks is involved you say? Oh well, I guess we’ll have to wait and see. But anyway, read more to find out the three reasons why the original Power Rangers were so amazing.

1. They just wanted to save the world, yo

No complex plots. Everybody dead except the good guys. Power Rangers was a series about hope and strength and well, stuff. It was always the same. A group of hot teens got powers in a mysterious way and use it to combat alien enemies and they always succeeded. Of course they did. This showed us kids that good always wins in the end. Except if you starred in the Japanese version. R.I.P Burai *Blows out candle*

2. The high-quality acting

It is tough to act when you are wearing a helmet and you have to show your emotions, which is why many will say the acting in the original Power Rangers is awful. Well, I’m here to tell you that yes, it is awful. However, back in the day it seemed that in order to be cast in a show for kids, acting was just a secondary talent necessary. As long as you looked pretty, you were already halfway there. And well, we were kids anyway, so what did we know about acting? Nothing. We didn’t even care. And it seems that even in 2015, the Power Rangers didn’t know how to act. Well, at least this guy is super passionate about his morphing:

3. The Amazing Fight Scenes

Power Rangers definitely gave me a love for the martial arts. I can’t even remember if they had superpowers, but they at least could kick some butts. Even though it was followed by a lot of HIYAAAA and HUUUUYAAAAs. Only amateurs need weapons. The Rangers just fixed stuff with a simple chokehold. HIYAAA.

Here’s the trailer of the new version. Okay fine it looks pretty cool. GO GO POWER RANGERS!



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