Winter Efteling plog

Plog: The Winter Efteling

To end the Christmas holiday, I visited my favourite themepark in the world. It’s called the Efteling and it’s a themepark situated in the south of the Netherlands. In the winter it’s called the Winter Efteling. If you ever visit this amazing country, it is totally worth it to go here. You can find thrill rides and the amazing fairy tale forest. I took some pictures during my visit and I wanted to share them with you.

Winter Efteling Vogel Rok

Vogel Rok is decorated with a Christmas hat and scarf. Even birds are cold.

Winter Efteling Snowman

A wintery snowman, with in the background Baron 1898

Winter Efteling seagulls mine mine mine

Seaguls. Mine. Mine. Mine.

Winter Efteling Holle Bolle Gijs

Holle Bolle Gijs

Winter Efteling Langnek sjaal oorwarmers

Langnek in Het Sprookjesbos is wearing a scarf and earmuffs

Winter Efteling Trollenkoning Sprookjesbos

The troll king looks warm and cozy

Winter Efteling Hans en Grietje Heks

The witch from Hansel and Gretel was kind enough to decorate her door with a Christmas wreath

Winter Efteling Draak Lichtgeraakt Sprookjesbos

The dragon ‘Draak Lichtgeraakt’ doesn’t need a scarf or hat to keep warm

Winter Efteling Zeemeermin Mermaid Sprookjesbos

Mermaids get cold in the winter, so this one now wears a wintery corset

Winter Efteling Raveleijn

The Raveleijn show in the Winter Efteling




Article written by Ingrid

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